Earlier today, we reported on the surprisingly prevalent theory that Javi Marroquin is the father of Creed, Kailyn Lowry’s youngest child.

We expect Kail needs to have anticipated that sort of speculation after Javi’s ex-fiance posted a video in which she declared that Lowry and Marroquin have actually been continuing an affair for the past three years.

In reaction, Kail deleted her Twitter, and she has yet to openly respond to Lauren’s allegation.

Kail on the Side

Not surprisingly, lots of folks have leapt to the conclusion that her silence is an admission of regret.

But it’s possible that Kail is holding back on trying to discuss herself because she knows that emotions are running high, and thus, she would not be addressing a logical audience.

Possibly she’s waiting on the dust to settle prior to she attempts to clear her name.

Kailyn Lowry in Glasses

Or possibly she and Javi are both guilty as hell.

Whatever the case, Kail’s track record is most likely to suffer more damage in the weeks to come.

But that might be great news for Chris Lopez, who’s only famous because of his association with Kail and whose public image has an inverse relationship with Lowry’s:

Chris Lopez on Christmas

Simply put, when she loses fans, he acquires them, which means Chris is more popular than ever these days.

And the formerly-reviled professional baby daddy is taking full advantage of his newfound popularity by hyping his new podcast and interacting with fans more than ever.

As In Touch reports, Chris hosted an Instagram Q&A this week, and fans were quick to ask about current comments from Kail indicating that she has no interest in fixing up with him.

” Are you troubled that [censored] she ‘d never be with you again?” one fan asked.

Chris Lopez Smiles

Plainly unfazed by Kail’s remarks, Chris responded that he’s eagerly anticipating his future as a single male.

” One door closes then five more open. That’s how deep space works,” he said.

The comments the fan was referring were likely the ones that were just recently released by Hollywood Life.

Kail vs. Chris

” They had a very harmful relationship that she had a pattern of slipping back into but Kailyn is done, she states no possibility will she ever get with him again,” a confidential source informed the site.

” She’s 100 percent done.”

Throughout a recent episode of his podcast, Chris claimed that he and Kail lastly came across an overwhelming barrier.

Chris Lopez and Kids

Strangely it has noting to do with the reality that Lowry has a limiting order versus Lopez, or the truth that she was once arrested for assaulting him.

Instead, it relates to faith.

It appears Kail is an atheist, and Chris is a devout believer in … something.

Chris Lopez In Blue

The mom of my kids doesn’t really,” Lopez informed his co-host.

” We’re going to have to pertain to some kind of contract, you understand, a respect level,” he continued.

” You may not believe in something that I do, so regard that. You feel me?”

We can’t assist but wonder if Chris will ever publicly talk about the Kail-Javi cheating accusations.

Something informs us he’ll request a paternity test at some point.

And if he truly wants to attract scores for his podcast, revealing the results live on the air, Maury-style would be a hell of a method to do so.


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