Back in December, Teen Mother OG fans were stunned by the news that Catelynn Lowell had suffered a miscarriage.

Both Catelynn and spouse Tyler Baltierra have because spoken about the extreme sorrow they suffered as a result of the loss.

While it’s clear that Catelynn and Tyler are still in a lot of discomfort, they now say they’re looking ahead, and they’re all set to reveal their prepare for the future of their family.

Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell on Set

Talking with the website, Catelynn entered into unpleasant detail with regard to the sensations she experienced during her latest pregnancy.

” I seem like no matter when you go through it, as a female, when you get a positive pregnancy test you begin feeling fired up and confident,” Lowell said.

And while her miscarriage– the 2nd that she’s experienced in her young life– was admittedly extremely uncomfortable, she states the current work she’s done on enhancing her psychological health has actually paid off.

Catelynn Lowell and Daughters

” My mental health work really stepped up to the plate,” Lowell said.

” I think I could simply inform a huge difference,” she informed PopCulture.

” The first miscarriage that I had truly conquered me– my stress and anxiety remained in high equipment and would not leave for weeks.”

Catelynn Lowell With Purple Hair

Catelynn stated she felt obliged to share her experience because she feels it might be “great for ladies to understand they’re not alone” with regard to the uncomfortable and isolating experience of a miscarriage.

” No one should have a stigma about that, and it’s something we should talk about more,” she said.

Lowell repeated that she and Baltierra “certainly do wish to have another child,” but added that “it’s up to deep space.”

Catelynn and Tyler on Their Anniversary

Asked by Us Weekly if she and Tyler would ever think about adoption, Catelynn said that she and Tyler have actually already considered the possibility.

” We have discussed it,” she informed the tabloid.

” Yeah, if we weren’t able to have one more, sure, [we’d adopt].

From there, Catelynn stated once again that she and Tyler definitely “do want to have one more kid,” but kept in mind “that it will be [their] last kid.”

” It’s just up to the universe right now. Whatever occurs, will happen, I think, in its own time,” she included.

” I don’t know when that will be.”

Naturally, none of us truly knows what lies ahead, however it seems like Catelynn and Tyler are ready for whatever remains in store!


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