Teen Mother has been around for numerous, many years.

Just over 11 years now, to be exact.

Teen Mom OG Cast in 2020

The cast has been changed up a bit– Farrah Abraham left the show a few years back, and Cheyenne Floyd and Mackenzie McKee have joined.

However Catelynn Lowell, Maci Bookout, and Amber Portwood have actually been around since the very start.

From what we’ve seen on the program and on social networks, they seem pretty tight, don’t they?

They have actually taken holidays together, and they’ve traveled to be with each other during difficult times.

Maci, Catelynn, Amber, and Cheyenne

Keep in mind when Maci flew out to Arizona to go to Catelynn when she was at the treatment center, or when everyone went up to Indiana after Amber was jailed for assaulting Andrew Glennon?

Catelynn had actually even been to Indiana prior to that to talk with Amber about the postpartum depression she experienced after bring to life her son, James.

Some fans think that all of these aren’t examples of the ladies really being there for each other, but really just examples of MTV trying to establish unique minutes.

And judging by a brand-new interview from Catelynn, those fans might be.

Catelynn on Season 9

OK, so last month, Cate exposed that she ‘d just recently had a miscarriage.

It was terrible news, but she appeared to be coping well with the loss.

However that was likely due to the fact that of the treatment she’s received and not since of the assistance of her old Teenager Mommy buddies.

As she informed Us Weekly, “Cheyenne is the just one that ever reached out to me.”

Catelynn Lowell With Purple Hair

” She resembled, ‘I’m so sorry. How are you doing? I’m here to talk,’ and we would message backward and forward,” she said.

” For her simply to ask, ‘Are you OK?’, I resembled, ‘Wow.'”

” I simply let her understand how important that was to me that she truly connected just to see how I was doing,” she included.

Isn’t that fascinating, that the cast member Cate has understood the quickest amount of time was the only one to connect to her?

Catelynn L.

It’s not even like Cheyenne went through some massive effort either, she just messaged her and used her condolences– something that would have taken Maci and Amber, who have actually understood Cate for over a decade, seconds.

It’s a little frustrating to hear that they could not have taken the time to do that, especially when Catelynn ended up being suicidal after her last miscarriage.

In the interview, she admitted that it did “bug” her that she didn’t hear from the other ladies because “I seem like I connect to them a lot when they’re going through things.”

” I try to be there,” she said, “however I likewise need to have that mindset that everybody is not going to do what I would do.”

That sounds a little catty, but it’s reasonable– once again, it would have taken a couple of seconds for the other ladies to just send her a “sorry for your loss” test, which sounds like it would have indicated a lot to her.

Do you believe she has a right to be upset?


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