The popular series The Strolling Dead, handled to have the participation of actor Chandler Riggs, as Carl Grimes. The actor has actually exposed what has actually been going on with his health.

Chandler Riggs hasn’t been seen in The Walking Dead universe considering that his character, Carl Grimes, succumbed to a walkers bite in season 8.

In heartbreaking scenes, his father Rick left him alone with a weapon after seeing the bite to ensure his kid didn’t change into one of the undead.

However, Riggs, only 21 years old, exposed a picture on his social networks a few days earlier in which he is in a health center bed, hospitalized for a strange health problem.

we back

— chandler riggs (@chandlerriggs) January 27, 2021

The Walking Dead star nodded approvingly to his followers, but did not elaborate on precisely why he looked for medical attention.

However, the TWD actor appeared to be in a very good state of mind when he captioned the pictures: “We’re back.” All of his followers have actually been asking him about what has happened to him, however it appears that he does not react to any comment at the minute.


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