Nicki Minaj is not the one who desires … Nevertheless, Cardi B prospered, with her decision, to supplant the queen of rap! Back on her career.

Cardi B’s profession has taken a radical turn. As we know, the entertainer of “Bodak Yellow” comes from afar. Today, the young mother has a series of hits and is a standard in rap. How did she experience her beginnings in the cruel world of hip hop?

Rappers give themselves perhaps two times as much as their male equivalents. It is not Nicki Minaj and her competing Cardi B who will state the opposite.

The latter had to work extremely hard to succeed where she is today. She definitely does not appear dissatisfied to end up being the queen of hip hop that she is.

In 2015 she rocked the world with her famous “WAP”. A hit that she sang with Megan Thee Stallion to the delight of her fans.

Today, the success does not subside, she even released TikTok challenges regardless of herself. Proof that everything works for the mother of adorable little Kulture.

Recently, the star with giant nails even touched on her debut in the rap world. Not so simple beginnings, even for the eminent Cardi B who originates from a long method simply put.

Cardi B is open hearted about her launching in the world of rap!


As we know, Belcalis of her real name began as a stripper. A past that she is not ashamed of which she stimulates even in her texts.

Decomplexed, it is therefore simply as natural that she wanted to indulge on her difficult start. Our young rapper comes from New York, and more precisely from the Bronx.

Some also link her to the popular gang 6ix9ine is involved in: the Bloods. Today, she is very abundant, muse of Balenciaga and supporter of Joe Biden and even Bernie Saunders.

Regarding her rap career, Cardi B didn’t do it deliberately initially. “My manager at the time told me why you do not try to rhyme on a beat? She stated on Twitter.

It was at that time for her to entertain herself when she was tired. “I was in ok mode, I think I must use some rhymes in a sound.”

So it was by breaking the dullness that the WAP performer made hits and nearly supplanted the once unmatched queen: Nicki Minaj. A success of which she does not appear a little proud.

Cardi B has come a long method since her debut with her launching album, Intrusion of Personal privacy. Ever since, she has continued to increase to the top of the basket with heady titles.

On her social media, she keeps in mind where she came from and even posts old photos of herself. “I miss out on the ghetto,” she composed in among those tweets.


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