A deal has been reached settling a dispute with Denmark over a 1.3-square-kilometre island in the Arctic and is anticipated to be signed Tuesday, per a executive minister.

Dan Vandal, minister of northern affairs, confirmed Monday that there could be an “legit signing” of the accord over Hans Island on Tuesday.

The barren rock has been the self-discipline of a protracted time of diplomatic disputes between the two countries, because it sits in the territorial waters of every.

The settlement is anticipated to divide the uninhabited island between Ellesmere Island, in Nunavut, and Greenland, an self sustaining Danish territory.

Vandal, speaking to journalists on Monday, mentioned he used to be “taking a survey forward” to the signing of the settlement and would help the ceremony.

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He mentioned “discussions maintain been going on for a extremely lengthy time” and “the fundamental fragment is that the deal bought performed and we’re going to maintain the signing the following day.”

“I deem it’s very definite given our world self-discipline on the recent time,” he mentioned.

The deal is seemingly to indicate that Canada, for the fundamental time, shares a land border with Denmark.

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The dispute over the diminutive island has resulted in appropriate-natured jostling since the 1980s between Canada and Denmark over which country rightfully owns it.

In 1984, Canada planted a flag on the island and left a bottle of Canadian whisky.

Later that year, Denmark’s minister of Greenland affairs visited by helicopter, planting a Danish flag. He moreover left a bottle of aquavit, a Danish spirit, on the mistaken on the flagpole and is reported to maintain left a present announcing “welcome to the Danish Island.”

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In 1988, a Danish Arctic Ocean patrol ship arrived and built a cairn with a flagpole and Danish flag on the island.

Then in 2001, Canadian geologists mapping northern Ellesmere Island flew there by helicopter.

In 2005, Canada’s defence minister Bill Graham went for a lumber on Hans Island in a symbolic lumber. A week before he space foot there, Canadian Forces placed a Canadian flag and plaque on the island, prompting a order from Denmark, which called in the Canadian ambassador.

In 2005, every countries agreed to reopen negotiations regarding the island with extinct Danish High Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen announcing it used to be “time to hand over the flag war.”

Both countries agreed, in the event that they couldn’t reach a deal, to refer it to the International Court of Justice in The Hague for decision.

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The island is is famous as Tartupaluk in Inuktitut and Greenlandic, and has been fragment of Inuit attempting grounds for hundreds of years.

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Denmark and Canada are NATO allies and each take a seat on the Arctic Council. No longer too lengthy ago the two countries maintain been co-working carefully over the war in Ukraine, including on befriend applications for females and ladies fleeing the war.

A spokesman for Distant places Affairs Minister Joly declined to comment.

However the Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Flit Guard, Joyce Murray, mentioned the negotiations were “a signal of the sturdy partnership and friendship that we have with Denmark.”

Conservative foreign affairs critic Michael Chong mentioned the deal used to be “an illustration of how countries who are upstanding participants of our global machine can work together to resolve disputes around global boundaries.”

“Few things are extra sacrosanct in affirming global expose than guaranteeing that we respect every a range of’s global boundaries,” Chong mentioned.

NDP foreign affairs critic Heather McPherson told journalists on Monday that the settlement is a signal of upper global co-operation on Arctic affairs.

“Arctic border countries maintain an duty to work together and here is fully in fact one of these indications that displays that we’re doing that,” she mentioned.

She joked that the deal could maybe indicate that Canada could maybe now qualify to compete in the Eurovision tune contest.

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