A California female is pleading with others to remain thorough in securing themselves and enjoyed ones against the unique coronavirus after she and eight other members of her household contracted the disease, including her father, who was eliminated by it.

” My papa was healthy, he was active– he was a devoted falconer, he had no underlying health issues,” Vanessa Avellaneda informed local news outlet Fox 11 of her dad, Jose Avellaneda,58 “He consumed [healthily], he was active, he was everything you look to be when you’re that age, and it affected him that it shouldn’t have, according to who is high threat and who is not.”

The Avellaneda family.

The Avellaneda household.


Jose Avellaneda in the hospital. (Courtesy of Avellaneda family via Fox 11)

Jose Avellaneda in the healthcare facility. (Thanks to Avellaneda household by means of Fox 11).

The mom of four stated she feels disappointed when she sees others not taking the pandemic seriously– especially after her household witnessed the devastating impacts the virus can have first-hand.

” Seeing a lot of individuals online [asking], ‘Where can I consume supper? Where can I get my nails done?’ This isn’t a time to be worrying about that. I just want everyone to take it seriously, this is not something I desire any person to feel,” she said.

Mentioning her daddy, Avellaneda remembered the 58- year-old was “constantly with a smile on his face.”

Jose Avellaneda with some of his family.

Jose Avellaneda with a few of his family.

” This has actually impacted us more than anyone can picture, my father being the sole company for my mom and my cousin, this goes beyond politics, this is no longer politics, this is people’s health and their lives.


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