The wall-mounted clothes rack is a practical and trendy option for both retail stores and interiors. They are best suited for small boutiques and bedrooms to increase floor space and create a feeling of spaciousness. With a variety of classic and trendy alternatives, including business style wall railings, no local interior design will get your rails right.

Made of high quality metal, it is also suitable for heavy weights. Whether for yourself or for your clients, a wall-mounted rail makes it easy to display and read all of your clothing. A wall-mounted coat rack allows you to display appliances within easy reach while maximizing awkward spaces such as recesses and sloping ceilings.

If you’re considering buying a wall-mounted garment machine, we’ve put together everything you’ll want to know to help you choose the right machine for your space. If you’d like to take a look, discover our wall-mounted coat hangers.

wall mounted monorails

Our wall hung monorails are usually made of chrome or silver plated steel. These rails are particularly versatile and combine well with different rails and docking solutions, including sleeves. Additional brackets can be easily added for more support or to increase the maximum weight. A famous request in homes, businesses, and retail stores is an unmarried wall railing that elegantly showcases items to keep floor space free of clutter.

wall mounted clothes hangers for industrial scaffolding

If you’re looking for an extra-beautiful garage solution, our wall-mounted commercial suspension rails are bold and on-trend. Not only do they have a completely unique design, but they are also quite practical. Made of quality metal and available in single and double extendable rails, it provides eye-catching storage space. These wall mounted clothes rail can be adjusted to fit maximum space and their beautiful style complements any modern home or retail store.

Wall mounted clothes hanger with two slots

Two slot wall wardrobes usually consist of two wall brackets and two rails. These are an inexpensive solution that you can customize to your liking. Choose from a variety of additional shelves, rails and palms to customize to your actual needs. You can even start with a trendy double slot wall rail and expand as your clothing line grows. This adaptability makes the dual slot rail best for a built-in dresser.

Purchasing Considerations

Weight – The weight that each wall mount rail can support depends on the wall it is attached to. Solid walls such as brick, slag or cement can withstand much heavier loads than drywall partitions. Always consider the sections where you will place the rails. If the wall is weaker, you can install additional supports for security.

Width – To create a truly custom coat hanger machine, wall hanging rails are available in various widths starting at 610 mm. As the rails get wider, additional brackets are needed to hold them. For example, a 3.6m track comes with 5 braces and is a smaller track where you can only use two.

Depth – Our rails are usually about 30cm from the wall to allow for clothing space. However, the depth of the rails varies by species, so check each product webpage for exact dimensions. If you’re concerned about the depth of the rails, try marking the measurements on the floor with tape to get a feel for the gap.

Materials – If you’re looking for a sturdy and sturdy wall hanging rail that can hold up your exploding fabric wardrobe, look for quality metallic options. Strength is mainly important to the railing itself so that your clothes can be hung on it.

Style – There are many different styles of wall mounted clothes hangers on the market, from stylish silver bars to industrial patterns made from scaffolding bars. They can also be equipped with additional shelves to create a clothes rack garage system.


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