While the idols of BTS got a little closer to ARMY, the security and the fandom got a scare when they saw what happened to the members of the group, we tell you what the reason was.

Nothing makes ARMY as happy as seeing and listening to the members of Bangtan Sonyeondan singing live, but an extra thrill comes when possible but these talented idols up close, don’t you think?

The BTS concert experience is something that no fan wants to miss and little by little these guys are resuming live shows, this time it was their turn to bring their music to the stage in South Korea and they have done everything to make a mark in the hearts of fans.

In addition to singing, dancing and preparing amazing concerts, they have found a way to get a little closer to the fans who go to see them and for that they go around the venue in a couple of vehicles that transport them calmly from one side to the other, but recently that occasion a little scare for BTS, their security and the fans.


The fans of the K-Pop band watched these guys move, greet and even show some dance steps from the top of these peculiar carts, the music filled the place and the emotion was perceptible by all the fans, however when the vehicle unexpectedly braked, Jungkook lost his balance.

In the videos that captured this moment we see that the idol is near one of the banks and managed to stop without a problem from one of the railings that surround the space where they travel, but that did not prevent a member of his security from rushing towards him to make sure everything was okay.

Other members of the staff were also nearby and were very attentive so that there would be no problem, but despite that, a good scare was present.


Many shows in the world of K-Pop usually implement this type of vehicle for their shows, however in this case ARMY has several times identified moments where BTS members lose their balance while traveling in them, so they asked the staff in charge to pay pay attention to it so that they do not represent any danger.

If you don’t want to miss any details of the BTS concerts, we tell you about some alternatives to see Permission To Dance On Stage, the concerts that the group is giving in South Korea.


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