The group BTS has finally provided to ARMY the spot with some details of the “Winter Bundle 2021”.

BTS has already launched the first advertising video of the long-awaited “Winter season Package” of this2021 This is among ARMY’s favorite items, considering that it reveals a really unique side of the members of the group, while they are strolling through a stunning website.

If you have actually been an ARMY for a long time, you will surely know that the Winter Plan is a special collection that the BangTan Boys launch every winter. Which consists of posts like disc with videos, photocards and photobook, that show the journey that the young boys make in a picked city.

On this occasion, BTS decided to check out the city of Gangown, a location filled with mountains in the northeast of South Korea, which is known for being the home of skiing. According to fans, the 2018 Winter season Olympics were held near that area.

In the video for the first trailer, we see Jin, Jungkook, V, Suga, RM, J-Hope, and Jimin using vibrant winter season outfits as they stroll through the snow. Although we likewise see other scenes where the group is putting out the flame of a candle, and when they are gathered near a fireplace. They continuously look at the video camera, which filled the ARMY with love.

BTS references the K-drama Goblin

Extremely watchful fans discovered that the BTS members were describing the Korean drama Goblin. Since according to the history of this production, when you burn out a candle, the most essential individual in your life will instantly appear on your side.

So perhaps the men are saying that their fans are the most important thing in their lives.

Up until now, Big Hit Home entertainment has yet to reveal the release date of the Winter Plan 2021, however it will definitely be readily available for purchase very soon. When it comes to the cost, it has actually not been exposed what the price will be, but the 2020 Winter Season Package has a cost of 120 dollars (242239 Mexican pesos), so it is possible that it is at a rate close to that quantity.


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