The members of BTS not only make sure that their music is original and fun, the artists are also interested in sending positive messages in their music, such as Jin who wants to raise more awareness about the environment.

ARMY is always inspired by Bangtan Sonyeondan to support causes, perform charitable acts and share the messages of love and kindness that the boy band has been in charge of spreading through their music, the idols of this group not only care about having songs fun and entertaining.

The content of each BTS composition also seeks to carry a message that invites part of the audience to raise awareness; This idol group has even participated in various campaigns alongside the UN, raising its voice so that humanity has a better future.

This is why we have had Jin songs, for example, written from his personal perspective and performed with great emotion, in the tracks that the Bangtan idol has released we can also find the positive influence that this artist has.

Although Seokjin would like to carry more important messages in her music and raise more awareness about topics such as global warming and the environment.

In his interview with Vogue Korea, BTS’s Jin revealed more about his concerns about the causes he supports and the ideals he has, the idol of this boy band says that something that concerns him a lot is the problems with the environment .

Through his music, this Bangtan Sonyeondan artist wants to raise more awareness about global warming, but he always wonders if he has the right to do so, because he does not consider himself an expert in the field and wonders if it is right for him to try talk about this topic.

Kim Seokjin really cares about the planet we live on and would like to use his voice to generate more awareness on the subject, perhaps the words that the idol finds will be able to help, even if he is not an expert he could refer the world with those who are. through their songs.

BTS and its members know very well the power they have in their hands due to the great fame that their music has given them and that is why they always want to share something good for humanity, on various occasions, Jin has already talked about different issues to raise awareness.

From saving water, recycling, thinking about the environment and more; Seokjin always tries to show that he cares about the world and raise awareness so that the world takes more care of the planet.

BTS idols are a great example for ARMY and the world, as they always care about carrying the best messages and showing more of their good heart.

In other BTS news, did you know that Jungkook is Jimin’s # 1 Serendipity fan? The Golden Maknae always shows his love for this song.


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