For the past several years, the feud between Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus has occasionally flared up and reminded Teen Mom 2 fans that these two really, really don’t like one another.

Now, these two are at it again, proving that sometimes, beef has no expiration date.

You may recall that shortly after she joined the cast of Teen Mom 2, Briana began dating Javi Marroquin, who is the ex-husband of Kailyn Lowry, as well as the father of her second child.

Kailyn and Briana

Naturally, this didn’t exactly endear Kail to her new castmate, especially since Lowry was of the belief that Bri was simply manipulating the situation to gain a little free clout.

Bri and Kail were never exactly besties prior to the former’s short-lived relationship with Javi, but they’ve been bitter rivals ever since.

So when Briana took to Instagram this week and claimed that Kail had entered a relationship with her baby daddy Devoin Austin, many jumped to the conclusion that Lowry had executed an epic act of delayed revenge.

Kail With Devoin

Bri stunned her followers by revealing that she was cool with this unexpected news:

“Congrats on your relationship! You have my blessing,” she captioned a photo of her ex with her enemy.

For obvious reasons, Bri’s followers jumped to the conclusion that Kail and Devoin were dating.

Bri, Devoin, Kail

Some even claimed to have predicted this pairing.

After all, they reasoned, Austin had appeared on Lowry’s podcast, and they seemed to share several things in common, most importantly, a shared disdain for Bri.

And since people on the internet are usually quick to embrace the most dramatic interpretation of any situation, the lie was readily believed by a large segment of DeJesus’ followers.

Briana DeJesus with a Kiss

But it looks like Bri was pulling a fast one on her followers in order to make a quick buck.

Yes, fans who followed the link in her bio were chagrined to find out that it did not lead them to an article about Kail and Devoin dating.

In fact, the article had nothing to do with the relationship between these two important figures in Bri’s life.

Kail on Devoin

So why would she go to such bizarre lengths to mislead her followers?

In a word, money.

Teen Mom stars make major bank for directing traffic to bogus gossip sites, and Bri knew that hinting at a romance between Kail and Devoin would grab her followers’ attention.

Devoin, Kail, Lindsie

The time was right for such a stunt, as Bri’s followers have been asking about the relationship between 

“What do you think of Devoin’s friendship with Kail?” one commenter asked.

“I am happy for him. He deserves all the clout he can get. And she’s the perfect target for that bc it ain’t coming from me,” Briana replied.

Briana Explains the Coronavirus

Maybe that was the moment that she decided to lead her followers on with a phony post about Kail and Devoin’s romance.

Whatever the case, we hope Briana made a good deal of money from the deal because she squandered a whole lot of credibility for it.


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