Today’s 90 Day Future husband episode put among audiences’ preferred couples through the wringer.

The huge concern was whether Brandon had actually gotten Julia pregnant.

Fans have actually been questioning if the 2 can make it as a couple, particularly offered Brandon’s hazardous, managing moms and dads.

Brandon’s been publishing charming, delighted couple pictures … however is he attempting to conceal a separation?

Julia Trubkina - I am not pregnant

Julia is not pregnant– or at least she wasn’t when Season 8, Episode 11 was shot.

Her early morning illness, simply one week after Brandon’s pullout approach incident, was frightening.

It was an incorrect alarm, and audiences hope that the pregnancy scare will be a wakeup call.

Julia Trubkina reacts to Brandon wanting to run to mom

Naturally, the most unusual part of that whole ordeal was Brandon inexplicably wishing to inform his moms and dads.

Pregnancy news would make good sense to inform Betty and Ron, considering that it would be their grandchild (and it’s their home).

Informing them prior to even taking a test? Actually why would anybody wish to do that?

Julia Trubkina - why you want say this for parents?

As Julia comprehends, Brandon has actually been conditioned to be completely mentally reliant upon his managing moms and dads.

They treat him like a kid, and without space to grow and make his own options– and errors, Brandon’s individual development has actually been stunted.

None of that reasons how Betty and Ron have actually treated him or Julia, obviously. They’re plainly bad individuals.

Julia Trubkina and Brandon Gibbs with Betty and Ron and Jenga

In current weeks, Brandon has actually been going out of his method to publish, well, actually adorable pictures of him and Julia.

They’re basically generic couples pictures, things that you ‘d see from any young, hot couple.

Fans feel like he’s attempting to spam them with pleased images … and question what his video game is.

Brandon Gibbs Selfie with Julia Trubkina

See, he might be breaking the NDA that all stars on 90 Day Future Husband need to sign.

You’re not expected to ruin your season’s result, even if the whole fandom understands how it ends anyhow.

A lot of couples share adorable pictures however do not wind up together, however … is that the case with Brandon?

Julia Trubkina Happily Embraces Brandon Gibbs

Some fans believe that this is precisely what’s up– that he and Julia separated, which he’s attempting to, what, preserve one’s honor? Technique fans?

It’s difficult to hypothesize regarding what Brandon’s intentions might remain in sharing these images.

Possibly, by not putting a time stamp on them, sharing “throwbacks” does not ruin anything.

Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina Share the News

We do not believe that Brandon is attempting to conceal a break up.

Why? Due to the fact that it’s commonly thought that he and Julia are together.

They were still together less than 2 months back– which was lots of, numerous months after shooting 90 Day Future Husband

Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina New Year's 2021 Photo

Here is the couple, most likely numerous months into their marital relationship, partying on New Year’s Eve.

We are obviously really dissatisfied that Brandon and Julia appeared to check out good friends for an indoor event throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

At the exact same time, we are enjoyed see them still together. They are among this season’s most enjoyed, a lot of fascinating, and the majority of liked couples.

Brandon and Julia for 90 Day Fiance Season 8

Perhaps Brandon would do much better to follow other stars’ examples and post solo pictures, clearly identifying all couples images as “throwbacks.”

Though he’s not particularly young, his apparent giddiness over his relationship is honestly lovable.

We’re rooting for Brandon and Julia to make it … and to move a minimum of one state far from Betty, Ron, which headache farm.


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