So young and yet so old! Booba stays extremely present in the rap game … However he is commemorating the 19 years of Temps mort, his first solo album!

Booba is therefore approaching its 20- year profession! As he continues to release hits every year, the rap artist can take a quick step backwards. 19 years back, he launched Temps mort, his first solo album …

So it’s been 19 years since the Duke has actually been sowing his punchlines in the rap video game.

But then whatever speeds up.

Qualified gold record, he therefore handled to strike a blow in French rap. It thus marks the break with Lunatic. Also with his label, 45 Scientific, which he left soon after to really embark on the adventure alone …

A real success, because Temps mort is one of the fantastic classics of French rap. The website Le rap en France thus ranks this first solo album by Booba in second position of its leading albums of the 2000 s …


Several consecrations, for that reason, with Timeout. Things have changed a lot since January 22, 2002, however the Duke is not moving. He remains faithful to the post …

But also to piracy. Because if he composes Vigilance is mom of safety, Durance is mom of pureness, Booba remains extremely connected to this “fucking era”, as he describes it on his networks today.

It was 19 years earlier, and the Duke was going solo … He stays very present in 2021, as much for his clashes with Kaaris, Rohff and Gims when it comes to his sounds.

Last year, Booba talked about giving up the rap game … But he would surely be too bored.


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