The space exploration company Blue Origin, led by businessman Jeff Bezos, will offer NASA a technology that helps simulate the Moon’s gravity.

For this, the company will reuse the New Shepard rockets themselves, transforming the transport capsule into a kind of centrifuge capable of rotating at eleven revolutions per minute during the descent process, thanks to the controls present in the propellants.

This spin allows the creation of an atmosphere simulating the gravity of the Moon in the capsule, which has one sixth of the Earth’s intensity, for about two minutes – much longer than the current systems, which last only a few seconds.

Almost the same

The objective of the technology is to guarantee simulations that allow astronauts to adapt more quickly to the gravitational conditions of the natural satellite, something essential for the smooth running of the missions of the Artemis project, which plans the return of humanity to the Moon in the next four years and, later, manned trips to Mars.

The deadline is that the resource will be available for use at the end of 2022. Blue Origin will also participate in private contracts with NASA, along the lines of missions already carried out by rival SpaceX.


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