For sale: a rocket-powered cars and truck named Bloodhound constructed specifically to break the land speed record. A paltry $11 million.

The tortured legend of the Bloodhound Land Speed Record project has actually reached an unfortunately predictable deadlock: the current owner is done spending cash attempting to set a brand-new record after saving the project from personal bankruptcy in2018 It’s tough to blame him. The Bloodhound program has been opting for the bulk of a decade at this point and has yet to break the 763 mile-per-hour record, not to mention scratch at the group’s supreme specified objective of 1,000 miles per hour.

The Bloodhound still needs the actual rocket in order to make its full-speed runs, too, in spite of hitting 628 miles per hour in a late-2019 test.

” Work now requires to reboot in the next couple of months to get prepared for a 2022 record attempt,” a blog post on the Bloodhound site checks out. “The option would be to put the vehicle into long-term storage, with no certainty of being able to reboot the task.

Why not a rocket cars and truck?

Bloodhound argues buyers might recoup their investment as long as a record attempt takes place. The Bloodhound group states there is “substantial” fundraising potential “as the record attempt gets closer” and that selling sponsorships and rights might produce money in the short-term. Possibly there’s a SPAC out there willing to evaluate this claim before the inevitable SPAClash gets here? Or possibly the growing billionaire class wish to pitch in?

The gang behind the Bloodhound has a ways to go to beat the land speed record, but the task has been through so much that it’s hard to envision things ending here. Scraping together another $11 million could be difficult, however it’s simpler– and certainly less physically risky– than discovering those last few hundred miles per hour.


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