Billie Eilish recently sat down with Vanity Fair for an intimate interview, during which she responded to a series of individual questions.

Billie Eilish is one of the most popular musical artists worldwide. She took the market by storm after launching her blockbuster debut album, ‘When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?’ In 2019 and she hasn’t looked back because.

Many celebrities speak about the fast change that takes place in their lives once they are introduced to popularity, and Eilish is among them. She often shares her sensations about how much her life has actually changed because she became well-known and how hard it can be to deal with it.

Billie Eilish states the best feature of being famous is having a voice

As we discussed in Somagnews, the ‘All The Excellent Ladies Go To Hell’ singer recently took a seat with Vanity Fair for an intimate interview, during which she addressed a series of personal questions.

When she was asked to describe popularity in 3 words, Billie Eilish gave a truthful answer. “Overwhelming,” Eilish said. “Surreal and shocking.” When asked what the very best part of being popular was, Eilish pointed out the massive influence that her voice has.

Since she is a public figure, she can speak out on important concerns and make a distinction. “I ‘d state … I believe simply … you understand, being able to say something and be heard,” Eilish stated.

She says the worst thing about being popular is the absence of privacy

Although being well-known has many advantages, there are also many risks. For Billie Eilish, the most important thing is the lack of personal privacy that she has. “There is no privacy any longer, no way,” Eilish said, chuckling.

However, she pointed out that she can typically forget that she is famous when she goes to her moms and dads’ home and hangs out as a normal teenager. “In some cases I feel typical when I’m at my moms and dads’ house, when I’m, you know, riding my bike,” Eilish said.


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