President Joe Biden is expected to outline his foreign policy vision aimed at “restoring America’s place in the world” in a speech on Monday, according to a senior administration official.

It would mark Biden’s first major policy address since taking office and is likely to take place during a planned visit to the State Department to thank staffers, the official said. The president’s also expected to sign a couple of executive actions related to his efforts to demonstrate a new U.S. approach on the world stage, including the formation of a task force to reunite migrant families separated under the previous administration.

Biden is facing a host of foreign policy challenges — from Iran and North Korea to Russia, China and the war in Afghanistan, which began 20 years ago this fall.

He was sharply critical of former President Donald Trump’s foreign policy during the 2020 campaign and promised a dramatic shift if he won the election, including a vow to ramp up outreach to U.S. allies and to confront adversaries, such as Russia.

In his first call since the inauguration with Russian President Vladimir Putin this week, Biden raised several points of contention between the two countries, including Moscow’s election interference and a five-year extension to the strategic arms reduction treaty.

He’s already rejoined the Paris Agreement on climate after Trump withdrew the U.S. from the international pact, and rejoined the World Health Organization after Trump initiated the process to withdraw. Biden has also said, in a reversal from his predecessor, that he plans to reengage Iran diplomatically.

Biden has also vowed to continue challenging China, a posture that former President Trump made a cornerstone of his “America First” foreign policy.

When announcing some key members of his national security team in November, Biden said “America is back. Ready to lead the world, not retreat from it. Once again, sit at the head of the table. Ready to confront our adversaries, and not reject our allies, ready to stand up for our values.”

White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters Friday that Biden plans to visit the State Department on Monday to meet with Secretary of State Tony Blinken. He told State Department employees this week that the desire from foreign allies he’s spoken with who wanted the United States more involved on the global stage was “almost palpable.”

Image: Carol LeeCarol E. Lee

Carol E. Lee is an NBC News correspondent.


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