Confirming the rumors, Apple announced this Thursday (5) the arrival of new security features focused on children. The main new feature is the improved Detection of Material from Child Abuse (CSAM) on iPhone, iPad and Mac.

The feature uses algorithms to analyze the photos stored on iCloud, looking for content that might indicate child pornography, for example. The content of the images will be compared with data from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in the United States, which works in partnership with law enforcement authorities.

If it finds any matches, artificial intelligence will send the suspicious content for human analysis. If the existence of child abuse material is confirmed, the account will be disabled and a report will be sent to the non-profit organization that works to defend the rights of the child.

According to Apple, the verification of photos takes place on the device and preserves the user’s privacy, being able to identify only CSAM images. The company says the system, which will be launched first in the US, has an error rate of less than 1 in 1 trillion and that the account owner will be able to challenge the decision.

More security in iMessage

A mechanism capable of identifying sexually explicit photos in iMessage image attachments will also be released. The novelty will debut on the American market in 2021, being available to accounts that have family sharing on iCloud.

The technology aims to avoid sharing inappropriate images among children who are part of the family plan. When receiving sensitive content, the photo will be blurry when viewed by this audience, who will also not be able to share it with users under 13 years old.

report child abuse

Parents and children who want to seek guidance on how to report material containing child abuse or exploitation will have extra help. The Cupertino giant said it will update the Siri survey app and virtual assistant to make it easier to look for assistance.

When asking questions related to the topic, the tools will provide detailed explanations on how and where to file a report. These news are also expected to arrive by the end of the year.


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