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Apple Watch “more durable” option can be added


Apple is considering the idea of ​​releasing a rugged version of its smartwatch. According to Bloomberg’s report, the durable Apple Watch may meet users this year or in 2022.

It is stated that this version will accommodate the standard features of the Apple Watch, but will also have a more durable design. Actions such as adding rubber between the case materials are among the things to be done to make the watch durable. It is also said that Apple plans to add new swimming features to its smartwatches.

Apple’s current smartwatch options are highly popular and, although water resistant up to 50 meters, they are not considered suitable for use in extreme sports. Extra accessories are needed to use Apple Watch during extreme sports. This gives manufacturers like Suunto and Garmin an advantage over Apple, at least in extreme sports.

Apple is said to have considered the durable smartwatch idea before the first Apple Watch launched in 2015. However, Apple, which started to diversify its watch options with the Apple Watch SE, seems to be a logical move to add a durable model to the list. The Cupertino-based company has been promoting its new Apple Watch in the fall for a long time. This situation is expected to continue in the durable model.


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