Apple states there are now more than 1 billion active iPhones, an enormous milestone for the business that speaks to the phones’ continued success and durability.65 billion Apple devices in active usage overall, Tim Cook said during Apple’s revenues call this afternoon.
Apple sold its billionth iPhone in 2016, and in January 2019, Apple stated that it had struck 900 million active iPhone users. Apple counts a device as active if it has engaged with an Apple service within the past 90 days, a spokesperson told The Edge BNN Bloomberg reported last year that analysts believed Apple would be approaching its 1.9 billionth iPhone sale by the end of 2020, though the business hasn’t announced if it’s passed that turning point.

Apple’s announcement came throughout an enormous quarter for the company, in which it set an all-time revenue record. And the company saw more iPhone “upgraders” than ever before.

While sales are up and usage is at an all-time high, Apple has invested the last a number of years attempting to diversify its product line as iPhone system sales slow. Experts have actually estimated a decrease in overall phone deliveries and sales in the last few years, and Apple hasn’t been immune to the pattern. Even if less iPhones are being put into people’s hands each year, individuals are obviously hanging on to them for a long time.

Update January 27 th, 7: 10 PM ET: This story has been updated with information on how Apple procedures active gadgets.


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