Apple: A stolen electric scooter in New York, USA, was found after being tracked by the owner who attached two AirTags to it. The story involving Apple’s trackers was detailed by cybersecurity expert Dan Guido this Monday (9), on his Twitter account.

According to Guido, his scooter went missing while he was having dinner at a restaurant. When leaving the establishment, the owner did not find it, but he was unconcerned when he remembered that he had placed the devices in it—one was clearly visible and the other was hidden.

Tracking the vehicle’s movement through Apple’s Search app, he noticed that the scooter hadn’t moved in a week. At that moment, he decided to go to the police to report the theft, but he only managed to convince the agents to accompany him after proving the ownership of the equipment and that he was not using the technology for malicious purposes.

Along with the police, Guido went to an electric bicycle store where his scooter was for sale, a location pointed out by the tracking, and soon spotted it among the others. Once there, it was again necessary to prove ownership, pairing your iPhone with the trackers.

Tips for AirTags Users

While police gathered clues to investigate the case, the cybersecurity specialist was threatened by store employees, but managed to recover the stolen scooter. In addition, the manufacturer has committed to repair or replace it, if applicable.

For anyone who uses Apple’s tracker as an anti-theft feature, Guido gives some advice. According to him, the first step is not to activate Lost Mode, as this “alerts the thief”. The user must also hide the accessory well and act quickly, before the pursuit alert goes into action.

The last tip given by him is to avoid going to the place indicated by the technology alone, always being accompanied by the police.


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