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Appeal Suspense Judgment Decision Between Apple and Epic Games


Apple: The lawsuit between Apple and Epic Games is still far from over — and a new chapter has just begun, altering the course of this dispute. One of the appeals courts of the United States suspended this Wednesday (8) some of the decisions of the verdict in the case, which was made official in September of this year.

The decision recognizes that Apple’s challenges are valid and that Epic Games did not show how the rival actually violated conduct and carried out anti-competitive market practices.

The deadline for the changes to be carried out expired tomorrow (9) and, previously, Apple had already suggested that it would not be able to make the changes so quickly without compromising the security of the virtual store.

And now?

The mandatory stoppage means Apple no longer needs to place signs and addresses for external payment systems in iOS games and apps — in the case of Fortnite, which is the service that motivated the entire judgment.

Thus, iOS’s own payment method can remain the only option, which also means paying the mandatory fee to Apple. Other points of judgment were unchanged.

The appeal in the current court does not have an exact date to close, but the stage could take a few months. Remember that Epic Games also appealed for not having all the charges originally met.


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