Apple has actually been sued when again for its practice of intentionally slowing down older iPhone models. An overall of 60 million euros is being asked from Apple in the group case.

Behind the case are Euroconsumers struggling to protect consumer rights throughout the European Union and their foot in Italy, Altroconsumo. In the statement made by Euroconsumers, it was reminded that the average quantity users spend for battery replacement is 60 Euros.

In the statement of Euroconsumers’ Els Bruggeman, the following declarations are made: “When people purchase an iPhone, they expect quality products that they can utilize for a long time. This was not the case for the iPhone 6 series. Clients not just felt cheated, but also suffered financial loss. In addition, there is an ecological irresponsibility. “

Euroconsumers formerly pioneered comparable cases in Belgium and Spain. The organization is preparing to open its fourth case on this concern in Portugal.

Apple has sent a declaration to The Brink site concerning the newest lawsuit filed over the iPhone slowdown application. The statement stated: “We have not and will never take any action that would reduce the life-span of an Apple item or damage the user experience.


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