Last July, Robert Springs and Anny Francisco welcomed their very first child together, though Robert was already a daddy.

The 90 Day Fiance couple turned out to be a fan-favorite, in spite of numerous preliminary doubts stemming from a proposal eight hours after meeting.

Now, the two are reflecting upon their season and some of the critical or remarkable moments.

And Anny is opening up about her sexual history, while Robert describes why he when revealed issues that rubbed fans the incorrect way.

Robert Springs and Anny Springs in Blue

While most of 90 Day Future Husband will stay on TLC, Discovery+ now uses a few spinoffs for streaming customers.

One of them is 90 Day Bares All, where Robert Springs and Anny Francisco signed in with host Shaun Robinson.

The couple delved into their experiences as new moms and dads, discussed their past experiences,

Robert Springs and Anny Francisco promo 90 Day Journey

( As you can see here, this is not the only spinoff in which this well-liked couple is taking part– it pays to be popular)

On Bares All, the pair contemplated a minute from their season, when Robert took Anny to a strip club for her birthday.

While we do not usually suggest that (note that cleansing supplies or devices are likewise a dreadful present unless particularly requested), this was particularly at Anny’s request.

90 Day Bares All promo with Shaun Robinson

Anny had a blast throughout her birthday night out, delighting in a lap dance from among the talented dancers.

” I touch the girls since they pertain to me dancing and they put all that booty in my face, what I gon na do?” Anny remarked.

” And,” she included, “I enjoyed it because they was attractive too.”

Anny and Robert

On Bares All, Robert identified that whole experience as “dope,” saying that he “enjoyed it.”

But at the time– particularly, the early morning after– Robert appeared worried (bordering on biphobic), asking if Anny had any sexual history with women.

The response was yes, and when Anny followed her reply by asking if he was angling for a threesome, he shot her down and sounded incredibly judgy about it.

Robert plus Annie or Anny  (90 Day Fiance S7)

Speaking on Bares All, Anny declined to recognize as bisexual, which may sound confusing provided what she said next, but she has ever right to pick her own labels.

She shared that she has talked to “possibly 3 or 4” females in the past, including “I’m no bisexual.”

” I just like different sort of things,” Anny stated, leading us to question what she thinks of sets bi folks apart. “So I similar to the booty, touching.”

Robert Springs and Anny on Instagram

” … You know a lady know how you feel due to the fact that they feel the very same,” Anny reasoned, adding: “It’s enjoyable.”

Robert discussed that he was troubled, not for bigoted factors, but due to the fact that he means “to be a one-woman man.”

” I remain in my 40 s now, and I just want to be a caring hubby, a great daddy,” he stated. “And I simply want to have an enjoyable, caring, home.”

Anny and Robert

It’s probably best to keep in mind that in specific communities, threesomes are seen as a big offer and in some cases as something taken pleasure in by exploitative or overbearing men.

” I just do not desire the inner, old me to come out,” Robert revealed. “Like, I used to run with the wolves when I was more youthful, you know?”

He reasoned: “That’s why I’m not with the threesome thing. I’m not with that.”

Anny Francisco and Robert Spring Together

If you discover it difficult to think that a grown male in his 40 s, especially one who admits that he used to have a wild side, has never had a threesome … Anny is right there with you.

” He have a lot of kids with different women. You believe he don’t want to have a threesome?” she honestly questioned.

” Naturally he has,” Anny declared. “He do not want to inform us.” That said, we can not fault a loving daddy for wanting to rewrite his personal history, even if there’s absolutely nothing to be embarrassed of.


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