Sunday, September 4, 2022
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Anna Hofbauer rocks Fashion Week


Anna Hofbauer (32) dares to venture into new expert fields. The just recently wed wife of Marc Barthel (31) is in fact referred to as a musical vocalist and is well reserved. For the Berlin Style Week and especially for the designer Lana Müller from LANA MUELLER COUTURE, the former bachelorette tried something various. She models for the well-known style week and even attempts to go on the catwalk!

Anna revealed after the program, which was streamed online on Tuesday morning– in times of the health crisis, Berlin Style Week generally takes location online. The young mom discovered the new experience “just excellent”.

The new wife was also fashionably motivated in terms of her wedding event look. She has actually always wished to wear a pair of trousers or a jumpsuit rather of a gown for a civil marital relationship. “I have actually used many dresses and outfits in my life that I needed something for my wedding that the feeling was right,” she admitted.


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