Angelina Pivarnick doesn’t show many different feelings on Jersey Shore.

She’s kind of a psychological one-trick pony.

She gets pissed off– like really, really pissed off– however most of the time that’s the only feeling she shows the world.

Angelina Pivarnick on New Season

On last night’s episode of Jersey Shore, nevertheless, Angelina hesitated … Angelina was extremely afraid.

And we’re not discussing her anxiety over what sort of impact swampy water park water may have on her surgically-enhanced ass.

No, we’re discussing Pivarnick’s really easy to understand nervousness over her first in person meeting with JWoww in almost a year.

Angelina and JWoww

As you’re most likely aware, the castmates turned their backs on one another following the notorious bridesmaids’ speech at Angelina’s wedding event.

And if you have actually been enjoying season of Coast, you know the whole thing has been building up to the conflict between JWoww and Angelina.

At this moment, Jenni resembles Jaws– we caught a brief glance of her at the very beginning, and ever since, it’s simply been hours of the townspeople whispering about how frightened they are.

JWoww Drops the Mic

On Thursay’s episode, we still didn’t get to see the long-awaited face-off in between the competitors.

Hey, at least they’re lastly under the same roofing system. Child steps?

There’s been a lot of secrecy and Shakespearean outlining this season (if only Shakespeare characters wore jorts!), however when it concerned the strategy to get Angelina and Jenni in the same space, a giggling Ronnie simply up and spilled the beans to Pivarnick throughout a pizza party.

Angelina Tells All

” I don’t like this,” Angelina reacted.

It’s simply worrying to me that she’s unpredictable.

” You need to be the bigger person,” Ron informed her while trying and terribly stopping working to relax her down in her space.

Angelina In Vegas

” She must be the larger individual! It’s draining pipes for me to always be around the drama,” Angelina shot back.

” She never confesses her wrongs, ever. She’s nuts. It’s annoying. I’m never ever gon na handle this once again.”

From there, Pivarnick entered into complete meltdown mode, shouting at Ronnie to “get away” from her while storming out of the room.

Angelina Pivarnick Season 4 Pic

” I can’t take it anymore, I’m not handling this!” she yelled, later on breaking down in tears during a confessional section.

Ya understand, it’s not every day that we side with Angeliners, but we’re gon na go on and play devil’s supporter for a minute here.

Did Pivarnick overreact to the wedding speech? Yeah, most likely.

Jersey Shore Bridesmaids

When it comes to her Shore pals, she’s constantly being told to be the bigger person, to draw it up and ask forgiveness.

We can see how this scenario might have been the last straw.

” The f– ing woman’s unpredictable. It’s been 11 years of back and forth and s– all the time,” Angelina stated of JWoww.

Angelina and Jenni

” This whole entire journey has actually been fantastic until this point but this lady constantly attempts to undermine it. I’m just over it, psychologically.

Whether she likes it or not, it’s about to go down.

After weeks of waiting, Jenni finally showed up in Vegas on Thursday night’s episode.

JWOWW Reacts to Something

The guys planned a household sit-down so that everybody could hash things out, and it’s anyone’s guess how that will go.

They even shocked Angelina by flying her spouse in for the event.

Naturally, that might end up being an error in the end– if JWoww feels ganged up, she might just attack … and no one desires that.


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