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Android Auto already has more compatible navigation apps


The highway code is clear when it comes to distractions. You should distance yourself or avoid anything that prevents you from keeping your attention on the road. This is more than enough reason not to use your mobile while driving, something that you should only handle exclusively when the car is stopped and before starting off. Thanks to functions such as Android Auto it is possible to have the most basic functions of the mobile phone on the browser screen and now you will have the option of using more cartographic applications.

More variety of applications in Android Auto

Users of a modern car already know the benefits of synchronization services with their phone. Google and Apple each have their own and provide an important solution to manage the basic functions of the mobile while driving. This means that you can use it either with the touch screen, from the phone itself if your co-pilot uses it, or through voice commands (which is the simplest and most useful).

If we focus on the android system, we find several functions available at your fingertips. Some of them are applications that you use in your day to day, such as WhatsApp, where you can listen to messages as well as respond to them by voice, Spotify, to listen to music, or Google Maps, the much-acclaimed cartographic application.

Until now, only two applications from the section of the last one that we mentioned before operated in the system: Google Maps itself and Waze. This left out many others, something that it seems that the Mountain View firm will solve soon.

And it is that the small campus will be joined by more applications such as Sygic, T, A Better Route Planner or AmiGO among many others according to what the firm itself has on its blog.

A beta program for developers

The image above is just a small example of how developers are working with Android Auto. Those of Mountain View have activated a new version so that each one can start their tests and thus have their applications on the car screen. This will increase the offer and the possibilities of the system with applications that focus their possibilities on offering the best places to park or charging points, among others.


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