Stating its dissatisfaction with Microsoft regarding online news, Google criticized the firm harshly and accused it of breaking the open web operation to beat its competitors.

Google blames Microsoft for open web

Google expressed discomfort, stating that it was an attack by Microsoft to undermine the company’s efforts to support journalism and publishers. In January, Google threatened to remove the search engine from Australia in response to a law that would force news publishers to pay for their content, and Australia repealed the law in February and Google’s News Corp. and with other broadcasters that their services continue to be available in Australia.

In the midst of all this, Microsoft expressed support for Australia’s new law, calling for online platforms to be set up instead of paying news sources for content. Google also expressed its dissatisfaction with Microsoft’s involvement. “They are now making claims that serve them, and are even willing to break the way the open web works to beat a competitor,” said Kent Walker, global affairs officer, in a blog post shared by Google.

“Microsoft’s newfound interest in attacking us comes right after the SolarWinds attack and at a time when tens of thousands of customers were actively attacked through major Microsoft vulnerabilities. This is no coincidence either. He was warned of the vulnerabilities in the Micrososft system, they knew they were being exploited, and now their customers are trying to get parts of what is called the ‘Great Email Heist’, ”he criticized the firm.

These statements by Google also mean that the House of Representatives Judicial Committee is looking at the antitrust and commercial aspects of competition for a free and diverse press. While Google argues that it doesn’t monetize Google News, Microsoft argues that it’s more complex and includes Google Search ads, the ad tech business, ad tech tools, and Google’s general consumer dataset.

Finally, it should be noted that Google and Microsoft are in disagreement over the fact that publishers cannot have more control over the search giant and the digital advertising industry dominated by Facebook.


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