Another hour, another Amy Duggar set of shade hurled at Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar by their very outspoken niece.

This time around, the mother of one has taken aim at her uncle and aunt for the role, she believes, they played in Jana Duggar getting cited in September on a charge of child endangerment.

At least we think that’s what Amy is doing here.

It’s a tad bit unclear.

Amy Duggar on TLC

As you likely know by now, the public only just learned about this citation a few days ago.

Then, on December 14, Jana told her side of the story, claiming she was babysitting for sister-in-law Anna when the latter’s 22-month old daughter “wandered outside alone.”

A pedestrian found the child and called the cops, Jana explained, adding:

“I am grateful for law enforcement and those who protect and serve our community. I was certainly never arrested like some may have implied.”

Jana Duggar Outside Her House

Amy even rushed to Jana’s defense at the time, addressing her cousin as follows:

“I bet you were exhausted, stressed and just emotionally worn out… It’s a very sad situation going on and my heart goes out to @janamduggar love you.”

There’s a lot to unpack here overall, starting with how tragic it is that Jana had to watch Anna’s kids, at least partly because their dad, Josh Duggar, was convicted a week ago of downloading sexually graphic material of minors.

He now faces up to 40 years in jail.

Jana Duggar Voted!

One could also pretty strongly blame the adult in charge when a toddler wanders so far away from a home that she is discovered by a stranger on the side of the road.

Via a number of Tweets on Tuesday, however, Amy appears to insteadd blame Jana’s parents for what transpired on September 10.

“I believe that if you are a parent you should watch your own children.

“It’s not right to always have someone else watching them for you,” Amy wrote.

amy d tweets

She then issued an immediate clarification:

OK let me clear something up I’m not talking about loving good parents that work and provide for their families.

I support that! Of course! I’m talking about people who rely on Aunt’s or friends or anyone that takes advantage of people.

Just simply because they can.

Amy Duggar: A Photo

And then she continued:

Your kids even your older kids should not be your built in babysitter.

Your kids no matter what their age is should be able to live a normal adolescent life.

Helping out every once in a while is great but if you’re gonna have that many kids then be responsible for them.

Amy Duggar Video Still

Over the past few months, Amy has called out her estranged relatives on many occasions — and we’ve supported her each time.

It’s clear, for example, that Josh Duggar really is evil.

In this instance, though?

It’s a bit harder to discern exactly what point Amy is trying to make.

A Amy Duggar Selfie Shot

If you’re gonna have 19 kids, be responsible for them?

Well, yes, we suppose.

That’s obvious to a large extent.

But Jim Bob and Michelle already helped cover up their son’s molestation scandal, admitting they didn’t turn Josh over to the authorities after he confessed to touching little girls many yearrs ago.

Jim Bob Duggar Announces Campaign

So should they be the ones to help babysit in this case? Should they have been on the scene instead of Jana when Anna was in need of assistance?

Sure, maybe.

It just doesn’t seem to be a very big deal in the grand scheme of all the other ways they are terrible people.


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