Amazon Locker: Buying on Amazon is quick, easy and cheap and their method is tremendously effective. But the distribution can be complicated if the agency in charge passes at a time when we will not be there, if it is delayed, etc. Today, centers like El Corte Inglés allow you to mark special collection points, either at the Post Office, in their own shopping centers or at other points throughout the city.

And Amazon wanted to take that concept and take it further with a distinctly US touch after its Amazon Key. The result? The Amazon Lokers that he presented in 2017 and that can be very useful for these shopping days on Amazon Prime Day 2021.

Amazon Lockers in Spain

Amazon Lockers are self-service lockers that offer you the possibility of picking up your orders away from home, at a designated point, so they are very useful if you are not going to be when the delivery person comes. During the processing of your order, just when you are on the payment confirmation page, you can choose in the first section of the web (the shipping address) as a collection point that it will be sent to an Amazon Locker located in your city. And check its location and opening hours if it is available as a delivery method.

Depending on the chosen Amazon Locker and the availability and location of the product, the shipping options you can select are 1-day shipping and Standard shipping. These shipping options are free for Amazon Prime members (if you are not an Amazon Prime member and the amount of your order is less than € 29, the corresponding rates for the selected shipping method will apply).

How Amazon Locker works

If at the time of processing your order you cannot select a specific collection point, it means that the delivery option is not available because your order does not meet the requirements in terms of dimensions, category, amount or availability of the product.

Once your order is delivered to the selected Amazon Locker, you will receive an email notification with instructions and a code to pick it up. When you get to the Amazon Locker, you just have to follow the instructions on the screen and enter the code that the website has provided us. And that’s it: you open the box office that corresponds to you and you take what you asked for.


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