AirPods Pro claim has arrived. A claim about AirPods Pro focused on fitness tracking has been made by Mark Gurman, who works at Bloomberg.

When it comes to TWS headphones, Apple has not updated its AirPods and AirPods Pro models for a while. According to Bloomberg employee Mark Gurman, Apple will announce new versions of the two headphone models within the next year. Some sensors used in Apple Watch will be integrated into AirPods. Headphone owners will get a few features such as heart rate measurement.

Report: Preparing an entry-level AirPods kit

The report, created by Bloomberg, has again put forward the previous claims that Apple is preparing a new and entry-level set of AirPods with a design inspired by the existing AirPods Pro towards the end of 2021.

Bloomberg claims that the AirPods Pro headphones will include updated motion sensors that focus on fitness tracking, citing more knowledgeable people on the subject. The company has a long history of focusing on fitness, going back to 2006 when it introduced the Nike+ partnership. So I can say that adding fitness tracking to AirPods Pro headphones would be a logical move for Apple. Because Nike is one of the leading companies in sports shoes.

Since 2006, Apple has significantly expanded fitness through the Apple Watch, which has multiple sensors to monitor steps, heart rate, and blood oxygen levels. With these fitness features, Apple Fitness + subscription service has emerged, which enables them to follow exercise routines managed by experts on iPhone, iPad or Apple TV with data recorded by Apple Watch. Here, too, a problem arises: Since the Apple Watch is an expensive device, people want to take advantage of this service without having to use an Apple Watch. Unfortunately, such a situation does not exist.

AirPods Pro aren’t the first headphones to use a fitness sensor

Adding extra sensors to AirPods Pro can either eliminate the use of an Apple Watch or, when used with the Apple Watch, can better provide accuracy of data such as current heart rate. It is not the first time that Apple has come up with the idea of ​​​​embedding a fitness sensor inside the headphones. Elite Sport earbuds belonging to Jabra brand, which were introduced to the market in 2017, have built-in heart rate monitors. In addition, there were similar technologies in the headphones that Samsung and Bose companies had produced in the past. Recently, Amazon added basic activity tracking to the second generation Amazon Echo Buds.


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