Facebook began testing, this Thursday (19), Facebook Reels. As the name suggests, it is a feature through which people can create, post and check vertical and short videos on the platform, similar to what is found on Instagram. This is the giant’s new onslaught against TikTok.

With the tool, it will no longer be necessary to use other apps to generate and share such content, since everything will be available in one place. Furthermore, publishing materials on the timeline or in groups are some of the new alternatives.

For now restricted to a small US audience, Facebook Reels is expected to soon expand to more regions – and users in countries like Canada, Mexico and India already have the ability to check out videos alongside others simultaneously.

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Most of the features of Instagram Reels will be displayed on Facebook Reels, and the implementation of the absent ones, at this first moment, will happen over time. In addition, sharing on both platforms will be part of the launch – which, initially, will not show advertising, but will be essential for audience expansion, indicates a company statement.

Finally, to create Reels on Facebook, simply select the option dedicated to action in displayed sections of the timeline or even at the top of the news feed, which will grant access to a standard set of tools.


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