Aespa is a phenomenon within K-Pop, the young idols have taken over the industry with the best of their talents, presenting excellent songs, which are the most popular?

Despite the fact that Aespa is a fairly young girl group, it has managed to attract the full attention of many fans within K-Pop, its songs have exploded, quickly going viral; proving that the girls that are part of this group are very talented.

Just 1 year after its debut, Aespa has already proven its great dominance in the Korean music industry, being recognized with different awards and gaining much popularity among the public inside and outside the country of origin of this girl group.

Millions of fans have come together to form MY, Aespa’s fandom that has given all their love, support and admiration for this idol group, each of their songs is duly appreciated by fans, but due to their popularity, they have also arrived to the public outside his fanbase.

What are Aespa’s most popular songs? The girl group shows us different styles always very catchy for K-Pop fans, conquering the senses of the audience and shining with all their skills.

1. Black Mamba

The song which Aespa debuted, ‘Black Mamba’, was a success, putting them on the map as fast as they could hit the stage for the first time and show their great talents; The official MV for this song has a total of 195.7 million views on YouTube.

 2. Next Level

In 2021, Aespa took all the senses of its fans with ‘Next Level’, a new song that showed us more of the power of its idols, this song quickly went viral and its official music video today has 187.9 million views on YouTube.

3. Savage

‘Savage’ by Aespa is the title track of their album that bears the same name, with this they continue to show all their talents and win back their fans with a song as powerful as this one, it has 141.1 million views on YouTube.

4. Forever

In the album ‘약속 Forever’ by Aespa we can find their song ‘Forever’, one that is full of love, with its sweet melody and the soft voices of the members of the girl group enchanted millions of fans who have not stopped playing their Official MV with 46.5 million views on YouTube.

5. Dreams Come True

With ‘Dreams Come True’, Aespa shows a new facet, although his same style and personal stamp is found in this song, in his MV we are shown different contrasts, where we can see the idols go from a very rude outift and concept to another more cute and cute; This MV has 25.6 million views on YouTube.

6. aenergy

This is the least popular of Aespa’s most popular songs, ‘aenergy’ is a composition that we find on the girl group’s album ‘Savage’, although it only has 3.3 million views, but it is the next one on the top, maybe MY don’t stop streaming.

What is your favorite Aespa song? There are more tracks that we can enjoy from these young idols who have impressed us with all their talents and abilities.

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