Gregory Sierra, best known for his functions as Sgt. Miguel “Chano” Amanguale on the ABC authorities series “Barney Miller” and as Julio Fuentes on the NBC sitcom “Sanford and Son,” has actually passed away, his other half, Helene Taber, said Sunday. He was 83.

Sierra died Jan. 4 in Laguna Woods, California, after having fought cancer, Taber said. Sierra, who was of Puerto Rican descent, was born and raised in New york city.

Gregory Sierra as Lt. Lou Rodriguez in “Miami Vice.” NBC/ through Getty Images

” He was the most fantastic individual,” Taber said. “He was a good heart and a brilliant actor.”

Actor Edward James Olmos stated in a tweet that those who understood Sierra appreciated his laughter, kindness, wit and “amazing artistic ability.” Olmos described Sierra as a friend, a coach and “a force of nature that I was so grateful to have understood & dealt with. RIP”

Sierra discovered success in the early 1970 s through his recurring role as Julio Fuentes, Fred G. Sanford’s neighbor, in “Sanford and Kid”– a series based on a British TV program that Norman Lear adjusted as a comedy for NBC alongside Bud Yorkin.

Prior to he made it to “Sanford and Kid,” Sierra had actually currently had ties with Lear. He appeared in one episode of the precious comedy “All in the Household” as Paul Benjamin, a Jewish extremist. Paul and Archie Bunker strike up a relationship after somebody paints a swastika on the household’s front door. Paul offers the Bunkers protection however is eventually killed by an automobile bomb. It’s the only episode without any audience applause to liquidate the show.

Sierra then played Sgt. Miguel “Chano” Amanguale on “Barney Miller,” a sitcom about the lives of a group of New York cops detectives working in Greenwich Town’s 12 th Precinct stationhouse. While the show initially concentrated on Capt. Barney Miller’s work and home life, it gradually ended up being about the officers of the precinct.

Sierra portrayed Chano as a devoted and dauntless police who was emotionally bought his work. No place was this much better showed than in the 1975 episode “The Hero,” in which his character kills 2 suspects while avoiding a break-in. His associates believe he is worthy of a commendation, but a distraught Chano feels otherwise, and he breaks down and weeps.

Sierra’s career stayed consistent through completion of the ’90 s, typically finding him playing police roles. He appeared on “Miami Vice,” “Murder, She Wrote,” “Hill Street Blues” and “MacGyver.” His other TELEVISION roles consisted of guest spots on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” and “The X-Files.”

” Miami Vice” actor Olivia Brown tweeted that Sierra’s death “harms me.”

” Gregory is a stunning soul and he is deserving of resting in peace. My condolences to his loved ones whom I know enjoyed him so much,” Brown said.

In the movie “The Towering Inferno,” Sierra played Carlo the bartender, and he looked like a mutant called Verger in “Below the World of the Apes.” His other movies consisted of “Papillon,” “Honey, I Exploded the Kid” and Orson Welles’ “The Other Side of the Wind.”

As a resident of Laguna Woods, he starred in a regional production of the play “See How They Run” in2009 “Any function is requiring if you put yourself through a procedure,” Sierra informed The Orange County Register at the time. “Due to the fact that you anticipate something of yourself.”

He is survived by Taber.

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