Who is Romain Vidal, the brand-new medical professional of Plus belle la vie who will turn heads?

Fans of the French series are not at the end of their surprises. Their preferred program still guarantees them plenty of twists and turns.

Yes, the writers of Plus belle la vie continue to surprise us. Thomas was absent from the Mistral for a while.

Driven from his house by Roland, removed from the Mistral by his sibling back from the United States … he wound up returning his apron. The bartender has made a comeback in the previous episodes. He’s even embarking on a new project!

On the other hand, fans of Plus belle la vie have stated farewell to a renowned character from the series.

Besides, we do not truly know what took place to him on the program. Fabienne Carat, her interpreter left the soap opera of France 3.

Moreover, the latter finds the departure of her character a bit missed. And fans are wondering if we’ll ever learn what happened to him!

But the writers reserve another surprise for the faithful of the series. They will soon meet a new character.

In an excerpt from the January 27 episode, we see a handsome stranger in the healthcare facility. Are we going to witness the arrival of a Dr Mamour at the Mistral? We inform you more.


In the video clip from next week’s episode of Plus belle la vie, we see the arrival of a new medical professional. The latter tries to make Victoire Lissajoux open his eyes to Sébastien’s state of health.

The good-looking brunette for that reason notes all his injuries that require him to stay paralyzed. He will then inform Victoire of his medical diagnosis.

He thinks Sébastien is struggling with acute secondary peritonitis. “Another fan of Dr House” then believes the young woman.

” I run a neurosurgery department in a big Parisian health center, so I understand what I’m stating” replied the doctor, specifying his name: Romain Vidal. The latter then bounces on his name Vidal, which is the medical bible of all medical professionals.

” Françoise Pharmacie, happy!

Romain Vidal will he stay in the series? In any case, in spite of this first meeting which started a little badly, things might well alter.

So we might expect a beautiful romance to emerge between Victoire and the mystical doctor! To be continued in the next episodes of Plus belle la vie.


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