On 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 3, Episode 6, some stars had their worst fears realized.

First, Ariela and Biniyam received troubling news: their precious baby urgently needs surgery.

Surgery on an infant is always a big deal, but saving his life could mean leaving Bini behind.

Steven and Alina have totally different mindsets, but it all comes crashing down when Steven comes clean.

Ellie is still processing the devastation in Providencia, and she and Victor have different ideas about what comes next.

Sumit makes a painful revelation about his family dynamic, his mother’s state of mind, and why she is making his life so miserable.

Kenneth and Armando process a very important conversation while Kenneth’s daughter bonds with Armando’s relatives in sweet ways.

1. Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre

Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre

Ariela and Biniyam have noticed that baby Avi seems to have a health problem, so they are taking him to the doctor to get him checked out. They hope that this is first-time parent jitters (well, Ariela is a first-time parent), but want to do what’s best for their son.

2. Avi has some sort of swelling

Avi has some sort of swelling

It’s in his lower abdomen, and while it doesn’t always show up, it does cause him discomfort. They want to know if it’s normal and, if it’s not, what it means and what can be done about it.

3. The news is not good

The news is not good

This is a hernia. Intestines are a complicated organ, and a hernia like this can be serious, so the doctor recommends that he get surgery soon.

4. Ariela wants to consider their options

Ariela wants to consider their options

With something this serious, Ariela is considering if it would be better if (since she has good insurance in the US) Avi gets the surgery in the United States. No matter how commonplace, surgery on a baby’s internal organs is always a big deal, and Ariela’s parents are both medical professionals — she knows that it can all come with risks. Frankly, Ariela has had her experience with surgery in Ethiopia, and while she doesn’t badmouth anyone while making the suggestion, that could be a factor. Biniyam is opposed and wants Avi to get the surgery there in Ethiopia.

5. Obviously, this comes up again

Obviously, this comes up again

Biniyam goes to the barbershop, where he briefly explains to the barber his complicated personal history including his ex-wife (also a white American woman whom he impregnated … she dumped him after accusing him of cheating on him, and he hasn’t seen their son in some time).

6. Ariela has some news

Ariela has some news

She tells Biniyam that, for Avi’s good, she wants to take him to get surgery in the United States and return. She expects to return about one month later.

7. Biniyam is against it

Biniyam is against it

He has this persistent fear that Ariela, despite giving up everything to be with him and live according to his wishes, is just going to dump him and ghost with their baby in tow.

8. She already bought the ticket

She already bought the ticket

Their funds are limited right now, especially with Biniyam out of work for so long, but she did have enough to get the ticket. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, at that time, Biniyam did not have any options to get a visa, even simply to visit.

9. Biniyam does not take that well

Biniyam does not take that well

He emphasizes that he lost his former family. Of course, from what he’s told us, that had more to do with his ex-wife accusing him of cheating (not his only ex to do so) than anything else, but it’s understandable that he’d miss Avi if they didn’t see each other again.

10. Then Biniyam gets … weird

Then Biniyam gets ... weird

His lingering unfounded insecurities related to Leandro, Ariela’s ex-husband, come up, and he straight-up asks if this is some sort of ploy to leave him for her ex (even though, again, their baby has a hernia, she didn’t fake that or his need for surgery)

11. Later, Ariela’s mom soothes his nerves

Later, Ariela's mom soothes his nerves

Janice is very reassuring (as she always is) and reminds Biniyam that, no matter what, he’ll always be part of Avi’s life.

12. Next, Ariela has to tell Biniyam’s sisters

Next, Ariela has to tell Biniyam's sisters

She meets up with them for a spa day that sounds like Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOPiest fantasy come to life. There’s butter smeared in their hair, a mixture including honey on their faces, and they are actively being steamed. Ariela does what she always does and just goes with the flow of what Biniyam and his family want from her, even though this “spa” is a bit of a surprise.

13. Perfect setting for a serious talk, right?

Perfect setting for a serious talk, right?

Ariela tells them about Avi needing surgery and that she’s going to take him to get the surgery in the US.

14. Without missing a beat …

Without missing a beat ...

Bini’s sisters have always been on Ariela (to the point that many viewers worry that they will drive her away, and some wonder if that’s their intention) about whether she and Avi will leave. Mimi immediately asks if Ariela will return, which of course she tells them that she plans to. We don’t know if that plan will come true, but reports indicate that, at the very least, she and Biniyam are still together.

15. Steven Johnston and Alina

Steven Johnston and Alina

Now that they’ve decided to share an apartment with separate bedrooms instead of the wildly impractical plan of living in separate apartments in Turkey, they move into a nicer place that actually looks comfortable. Steven is anxious about temptation, and … that’s complicated as his and Alina’s desires conflict with Steven’s religious restrictions.

16. They sit down outside for a “relationship inventory”

They sit down outside for a

Something that Steven learned as a Mormon missionary, he wants to apply it to their relationship, which is quirky enough to be perfect on camera. Alina brings up that she still has real issues about him asking to date other girls. This was earlier in their relationship. She wants to know if he did it even after she expressed her dislike.

17. Whoops


Steven did date other girls even though she didn’t want him to. He explains that he was unsure about their future and if they could even be together, and he was sort of panicking about this massive change. Steven also admits to the camera that this stopped about a month ago.

18. Later, Steven goes on a job hunt

Later, Steven goes on a job hunt

It is truly amazing to see him just wander around streets in Turkey asking random people if they speak English and if they’ll hire him to work for them (which would mean sponsoring him for a work visa) while he’s in the country. One, that’s not how getting jobs works and hasn’t been for decades. Two, it’s just very silly. Three, it shows how wildly different Steven’s thoughts are from Alina’s.

19. Alina is fixated on Steven’s fidelity

Alina is fixated on Steven's fidelity

She has been conspiring with her friend, who is attempting to test him on Alina’s behalf. So far she has received a “hey” with a smiley face emoji and (gasp) told this girl, who commented about the snow where Steven lives, that Utah has some of the world’s best snow, and that the best time to see it is in the winter. To Alina, this was an “invitation” (was it?) to visit America.

20. Alina worries that there are others

Alina worries that there are others

Not everyone who slides into Steven’s DMs is Alina’s friend on a fishing expedition, after all.

21. Finally, some good advise

Finally, some good advise

While Alina’s mind seems to be spiraling as she leaps to the worst possible conclusions over some very innocuous social media commentary, her friend advises her to resolve this — one way or another.

22. More questions

More questions

Alina asks if Steven kissed the girls with whom he has gone on dates. He answered yes — but only some of them. It’s not what Alina wanted to hear.

23. Still, they make new plans

Still, they make new plans

She wants to go to a wine-tasting (she’s 20, but almost nowhere else on the planet outside of America requires you to be 21 years old to drink alcohol), which is an odd choice for a date with a Mormon. Members of Steven’s church even forego coffee because of the caffeine and certainly do not drink alcohol (that is, they’re not supposed to).

24. Steven’s solution is to taste, but not drink, the wine

Steven's solution is to taste, but not drink, the wine

His eccentric behavior is once again on full display.

25. Then he comes clean

Then he comes clean

Steven finally tells Alina that, in his past, he had moments when he violated his religion’s restrictions by having sex. He’s not a virgin.

26. Oh Alina is SO mad

Oh Alina is SO mad

You don’t have to guess how Alina is feeling, because her fury is palpable. She demands that he delete his social media if he’s serious about her. That seems like a massive escalation, but her state of mind is understandable considering the dishonesty in their relationship. Wow.

27. Ellie Rose and Victor McLean

Ellie Rose and Victor McLean

Victor and Ellie go to San Andres to get real food, because Providencia is so devastated. Victor thanks her for being with him in this time of crisis.

28. Ellie is having a hard time

Ellie is having a hard time

Her heart goes out to the victims of the storm — the dead, the injured, the mourning, and those whose homes and businesses were destroyed. But she’s also very unsure about committing to live in Providencia with Victor under the circumstances.

29. Ellie suggests an apartment in San Andres

Ellie suggests an apartment in San Andres

But Victor’s home is still standing and *mostly* intact after the hurricane, so he doesn’t want to go anywhere.

30. He has an intense plan

He has an intense plan

He thinks that they can just go to Providencia, work hard on fixing up his house together for a few days, then return to San Andres for comfort and amenities, and then return to Providencia for more work until the house is fixed up. That’s … a lot to ask.

31. Ellie calls her bestie

Ellie calls her bestie

Hiromi sympathizes with Ellie but of course is relieved that Ellie can be with Victor in this crisis.

32. Ellie is totally torn

Ellie is totally torn

Does she put her own safety (and, frankly, happiness) first, or does she continue to support Victor no matter what, even if it means living among wreckage for the coming weeks, months, or even longer?

33. Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh

Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh

In the aftermath of Sumit telling his family that he and Jenny are engaged (apparently they have retconned the promise ring into an engagement ring?), he and Jenny process how his family did not respond well at all to the news.

34. His mom is not accustomed to being defied

His mom is not accustomed to being defied

Sumit explains that everyone just gives Sahna the “yes dear” treatment, even if it means lying to her, all to keep the peace. This is something that they learned from Anil, Sumit’s father.

35. And it gets worse

And it gets worse

Sumit reveals that he lost his younger sister to jaundice years ago, and his mother blames him for losing another daughter — because she had bonded with and had a good relationship with Sumit’s wife, whom he never loved and was forced to marry. She resents him for divorcing that wife and he feels that she’s now punishing him and making him miserable in retaliation. Jenny suggests family counseling of some kind. She’s right.

36. Kenneth Niedermeier and Armando Rubio

Kenneth Niedermeier and Armando Rubio

Kenneth and Armando are processing Armando’s heavy, important conversation with his father. Armando says that this is the first real, serious conversation that he’s ever had with his dad, so he feels like it’s a lot of progress. Kenneth can’t help but observe that Armando’s dad is still wavering on going to the wedding, which isn’t exactly wholeheartedly embracing Armando. They’re both right.


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