Suffice it to state that Julia Trubkina’s experience in America has been more like 90 Day Farmhand than she envisioned.

A lot of individuals would have left the Gibbs family farm long back.

The only way that these two could make it to the altar is if Brandon’s moms and dads magically became reasonable, or if they vacated.

A brand-new image appears to have actually spoiled how things ended up for this young couple.

Brandon and Julia for 90 Day Fiance Season 8

An obvious good friend of Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina published an image to Facebook.

That picture reveals Brandon and Julia, clearly still together, with Brandon hoisting Julia up in the air.

It’s a New Year’s Eve picture from just weeks back, numerous months after their strategies to marry on May 9.

Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina New Year's 2021 Photo

Of all, exes do not normally party together for New Year’s Eve, so this suggests that they did not break up.

( By the way, no one at all needs to celebration for any reason during the pandemic … either they were reckless, or these are their roomies or something)

Second of all, Julia would not even be able to remain in the United States to party with Brandon and friends if she had not wed him, as the K-1 visa would have gone out much previously in 2020.

Brandon Gibbs tries to pressure Julia to accept miserable life

After the image surfaced, a number of fans kept in mind that– for much better or for worse provided the in-laws scenario– these two are still together.

But we could not take our eyes off of those cabinets which fridge in the picture.

That doesn’t appear like the Gibbs Headache Farm to us.

Brandon Gibbs kitchen pic 01

So, naturally, we looked at the older episodes, back to when Julia initially discovered an open container of live crickets simply resting on the floor of the kitchen area

The existence of loose pests was a distraction, but look at the background.

White cabinets and grandma curtains look very different from the clean wood paneling and brushed stainless steel fridge in the New Year’s image.

Brandon Gibbs kitchen pic 02

We even looked at the cooking area from other angles, and the design is completely various.

So no, it’s not just a case of the Gibbs household renovating their cooking area between early in 2015 and the end of 2020.

( And, having seen what we have actually seen on the season thus far, if they wished to remodel, they ‘d probably make Julia do it given that they see her as a servant, not a person)

Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina watch his parents leave

Betty Gibbs has put Julia through the wringer since before she even got to your home.

After c– kblocking her and her boy at the hotel after Julia first arrived, she had them both boil down to dinner.

That is where she had two nasty surprises– confronting Julia about contraception, and revealing that they would not be sharing a space.

Julia Trubkina told about sleeping arrangements, not by Brandon Gibbs

It’s funny that Betty tried to frame her obsessive control concerns as a matter of “respect.”

Amusing just due to the fact that Betty is one of the most rude villains in the history of the 90 Day Future Husband franchise.

Fans have actually speculated that Betty has that specific brand name of narcissism where she simply does not totally understand that other individuals have their own thoughts and desires and a right to feel that method

Julia Trubkina - [Betty] chose all plans for today< img alt="Julia Trubkina-[Betty] chose all plans for today" data-pin-description ="90 Day Future Husband Spoiler: Do Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina Marry?" data-pin-media="https://the-hollywood-gossip-res.cloudinary.com/iu/s--2EQJLbjH--/t_full/cs_srgb,f_auto,fl_strip_profile.lossy,q_auto:420/ v1608556369/ attachment/julia-trubkina-betty- chose-all-plans-for-today. png" data-pin-url="https://www.thehollywoodgossip.com/2021/01/90- day-fiance-spoiler-do-brandon-gibbs-and-julia-trubkina-get-ma/" src="https://the-hollywood-gossip-res.cloudinary.com/iu/s--t0B1NxTv--/t_xlarge_l/cs_srgb,f_auto,fl_strip_profile.lossy,q_auto:420/ v 1608556369/ attachment/julia-trubkina-betty- chose-all-plans-for-today. png" >

. The mom understands worst trip continued with Betty taking Julia and Brandon on a day journey to Washington DC.

Now, maybe production had actually asked to do
something before going house, but even if that was the case, Betty planned everything for that day.

Not Julia,
not Brandon– Betty made it clear that she controlled everything that took place. This belonged to a long, long pattern.

Julia Trubkina - Betty didn't ask me if I *wantedto help ...

Betty took her on a trip of the tasks that she would be required to do.

As Julia kept in mind to the camera, Betty never ever asked her if she ‘d like to assist– she right away started treating her like a farmhand.



Julia Trubkina - morning?


. Julia is accustomed to working at night.

And, like a regular twenty-something( and lots of individuals older than that live by doing this too), she wouldn’t generally get up before midday unless her task needs it.


. Suddenly, she was entrusted with getting up at dawn to feed animals that horrify her.
And her torment was simply beginning.

Betty Gibbs wants Julia Trubkina to do more indentured labor


. Betty and Ron took a seat with Brandon and Julia to scold Brandon for not doing as lots of hours of farm labor( on top of his full-time job) as they required of him.

. They prohibited him from bringing Julia tea in the early mornings, and likewise informed Julia that they desire her to do much more.

Why? Since Betty and Ron are bad individuals and even worse hosts. Julia is supposed to be their visitor and future daughter-in-law, not their farmhand.

Julia Trubkina - I already help enough on farm!

All of this oppression and the untidy, stinky drudgery of it all got to Julia.

After consulting with her daddy, she put her foot down and offered Brandon a long-overdue warning.

Either they vacate your home together to their own house, or she returns to Russia.

Brandon Gibbs preview - Julia and I need to leave

Brandon has spent 27 years under Betty’s thumb and, as an outcome, is awful at standing up for himself, he tried.

Almost right away, though, his mother’s manipulation and his daddy’s anger triggered him to backtrack, suddenly requesting for bargaining chips and tossing Julia under the bus.

And that was before Betty turned on the water supply. As much as audiences may delight in seeing her unfortunate, it’s plainly a weapon to keep Brandon at home where she can control him.

Brandon Gibbs preview - Betty

Regardless of all of this, it looks like Julia and Brandon made it to the altar. That’s great news for them!

We hope that they got away from Hummingbird Farms sooner instead of later, due to the fact that no one in the world deserves to be treated as Julia was.

Perhaps they moved in with roomies to make it work financially, and those were the pals in the photo.


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