1. Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi

Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi

Two days after her surgery, Angela tells her friend Jojo goodbye. Jojo has to head home and Angela is doing better now, but she knows that not having her friend there to help her is going to be a difficult adjustment. She is still in a lot of pain.

2. But she goes out and about

But she goes out and about

Angela goes to a smoothie shop to try out things that are actually approved for her to drink. She does this using a walker, and boasts about how convenient it is for her to store her cigarette carton beneath the seat.

3. After trying a kale smoothie, she calls Michael

After trying a kale smoothie, she calls Michael

Michael has not been the most supportive during this, but he is clearly worried during Angela’s recovery.

4. Especially when he sees her smoking

Especially when he sees her smoking

She says that she’s not smoking as regularly as before, only when she is stressed, as if that means anything when she shouldn’t be smoking at all.

5. Then she tells him about her plans

Then she tells him about her plans

Angela needs to get a facelift, she explains, so she will be going to yet another consultation with a surgeon who was recommended by Dr. Obeng. Michael does not like that sound of this at all.

6. He’s just “not cool with it”

He's just

It’s a risk, it’s more money, and he also seems to be imagining that it will give her a totally different face.

7. But Angela explains

But Angela explains

She already has a bit of a “waddle” beneath her chin, due to excess skin, some unwanted fat, and weak muscles in that area. As she loses weight, the excess skin will increase and the waddle will become more pronounced.

8. She meets with the surgeon

She meets with the surgeon

After thirsting after him (from a woman who screams verbal abuse at Michael if he has a conversation with other women), Angela hears that there are real risks to this procedure, from nerve damage to worse — as come with any surgery.

9. Angela shares Michael’s concerns

Angela shares Michael's concerns

She also explains Michael’s situation, noting that with the ban on immigration from Nigeria, Michael might have to wait as long as “four years” — at the time, it sounds like she was considering the possibility that they couldn’t be together until a new Presidential election. So she calls Michael and her surgeon-to-be speaks to him to reassure him that this is a facelift, not the sort of dramatic face changes from decades ago that Michael is probably imagining.

10. Michael then asks about cost

Michael then asks about cost

Angela is angry that he would even ask. It’s $25,000, she says.

11. Michael says that could be spent on helping them have a baby

Michael says that could be spent on helping them have a baby

Angela tells Michael flatly that she’s doing this and he needs to accept it, but his feelings remain clear — he feels like Angela should be prioritizing their potential to have children.

12. Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina

Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina

Julia has temporarily moved out of Brandon’s room because she is unhappy with Brandon. She felt excluded by his conversation with Melanie. She felt attacked by his friend (though let’s be real — that scene very palpably felt like Melanie had been asked by production to go on the attack). Worst of all, Julia resented that Brandon hadn’t defended her — even if the conversation was prompted by producers, Brandon had been too passive when people questioned the authenticity of their marriage.

13. Julia is still mad

Julia is still mad

Melanie had asked her if she had married Brandon for love or for a Green Card, and that struck a nerve with Julia. But that wasn’t the only issue.

14. Julia’s jealousy is out of control

Julia's jealousy is out of control

She has acknowledged, on social media and now on the show, that she recognizes that this is a genuine problem. Fans hope that she will receive therapy that she clearly needs to overcome this because it is negatively impacting her life and those of the people she cares about.

15. Apparently, she used to be worse

Apparently, she used to be worse

Julia mentions something about how she has already made strides in improving this aspect of herself because she used to be even more nuts about jealousy. We hope that she continues to make progress.

16. Julia wants to start fresh

Julia wants to start fresh

She wants to be friends with Brandon’s friends, despite her insecurities and despite the ugly blow-up that happened

17. BUT


Julia also wants Brandon to listen to her worries and her concerns and to genuinely hear her. It’s important for their marriage that they both make efforts to understand what’s bothering the other, not just push to smooth things over.

18. They make nice

They make nice

Together, they head back to their bedroom. Awww!

19. Elizabeth Potthast and Andrei Castravet

Elizabeth Potthast and Andrei Castravet

Libby has gotten totally hooked on doing yoga during the pandemic, and is meeting up with Jenn, where she admits that her daughter tends to wake up from naps exactly when she’s trying to take a few moments to herself to do yoga. Yep, that sounds like parenting.

20. As for Andrei …

As for Andrei ...

Elizabeth relates the upcoming green card renewal situation, and Jenn does a genuinely good job of seeming super sympathetic even though, well, no one really likes Andrei except for Libby.

21. But back to parenting … Elizabeth wants a nanny

But back to parenting ... Elizabeth wants a nanny

Andrei is extremely resistant. Part of it is a very sweet amount of paranoia about a nanny being a bad person — that’s a real concern, despite vetting options. But part of it is that Andrei absorbed some toxic ideas from his family and from growing up in Moldova. He thinks that, well, Elizabeth should just be able to work and raise a kid because that’s what his mom did. Is it possible? Sure. But it absolutely sucks, and there’s no reason to not carefully select a nanny.

22. Andrei changes the subject every time that it comes up

Andrei changes the subject every time that it comes up

Jenn just recommends hiring a secret nanny for hours when Andrei is away. As a human being, we know that this is a horrible idea that will blow up in everyone’s faces. As viewers, though, that would make for some amazing television.

23. Meanwhile, Andrei has his own concerns

Meanwhile, Andrei has his own concerns

Working for the family business sucks because the people he’s spent the past few years alienating are suddenly his coworkers, now that he needs to be employed.

24. And yes, it’s a need — so he can’t quit

And yes, it's a need -- so he can't quit

Andrei may have filmed things in a different order, first seeking a job with Chuck and THEN meeting with the immigration attorney, but fans are fairly convinced that Andrei’s whole sit-down with Chuck was because they already knew that he needed to be employed to look good for the green card renewal. They just didn’t film it in the actual order because that would be too on the nose and could hurt their chances.

25. Andrei goes to work

Andrei goes to work

Chuck has instructed him to demolish the kitchen, apparently, so Andrei is doing that.

26. He says that it’s therapeutic

He says that it's therapeutic

He’s venting his frustrations on a simple, totally non-cerebral task … though the safety of this is later called into question.

27. Charlie is MAD

Charlie is MAD

He tells Andrei that he should have come to him, that everything goes through him — even if Chuck told him to do something, Charlie needs to show him the ropes to make sure that he doesn’t cost them time and money.

28. Also …

Also ...

The gas may not be as off as Andrei believed it to be, which could be a potential (serious) hazard for Andrei and for the production crew.

29. Andrei storms out furiously

Andrei storms out furiously

He drives away like a cartoon villain, tearing down the rode while claiming that Charlie is just jealous of him.

30. Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa

Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa

Kalani feels like she and Asuelu are stuck in the same toxic pattern. For a few days, they get along. Then, for another few days, they do not. It has to end.

31. She meets with a divorce attorney

She meets with a divorce attorney

She’s doing this “just in case,” and maybe it’s just for show (since it’s easier to organically spell out your drama and options for the camera in a formal meeting), but talking to a divorce attorney is only casual if you just happen to be friends with a lawyer.

32. Kalani shares the details

Kalani shares the details

She also brings her father into the conversation. Low was Asuelu’s sponsor, signing on to financially support him — potentially — for ten years. The attorney says that, barring Asuelu becoming a citizen, getting deported, or dying, Low could be on the hook for a lot longer than that if Asuelu gets a divorce.

33. There’s no mincing words on this: it’s political

There's no mincing words on this: it's political

Policy was changed in such a way that financial support commitments for immigration were suddenly lifelong. This was a policy enacted by disgraced former president Donald Trump’s administration as one of the many efforts to discourage legal immigration. Now, the attorney did acknowledge that there are real questions about whether this would be enforced, especially when someone pledges financial support before this policy was put into place, but for Low, it was just another solid argument for Kalani to work things out with her manchild of a husband.

34. Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva

Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva

Natalie is very sensitive to the tensions in Trish’s house, which seem even more overwhelming than the piggy banks.

35. She’s right

She's right

Speaking one-on-one with Mike, Trish talks about how Natalie isn’t working or “being a housewife” to Trish’s standards and that she worries that Natalie’s using Mike to coast along. It’s unclear if Mike shares these feelings and is just letting his mother voice them, or if this is all Trish and Mike is just letting his mom voice her own concerns.

36. Natalie is feeling the cold shoulder

Natalie is feeling the cold shoulder

Trish doesn’t seem to be welcoming Natalie in the slightest, and Natalie is picking up on that even if Mike seems to shrug it off.


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