90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? has officially concluded its sixth season.

On the second and final part of the Tell All special, even more family members waded into the fray.

First, the entire cast grappled with the aftermath of Angela turning the Tell All into a Show All.

Angela went on to storm off of the set not just once, but twice.

Andrei and Elizabeth had their turn dissecting their personal problems.

This was when Libby’s family factored into things, with Charlie showing up and calling everyone “bro.”

Yara and Jovi spoke about their issues, family planning, and fan-favorite Gwen shared her perspective.

Asuelu and Kalani are at a better place in their marriage than they were.

But Asuelu’s family isn’t the only issue at play for them.

The season has ended. One couple announced that they are officially over forever.

1. Angela storms off

Angela storms off

A furious Angela, having just had a breast-baring meltdown while shouting at Aunt Lydia through the camera, storms off of the set to “calm down.”

2. Kalani has no business being this funny

Kalani has no business being this funny

Strip clubs had already come up previously, because of Yara and Jovi’s storyline, so the material was right there. Brandon played off of Kalani’s joke well, quipping that it was different than he had expected.

3. Angela fumes in the elevator

Angela fumes in the elevator

In the elevator, she rants to her daughter, Skyla, for whom I feel genuine sympathy. Angela brings up how Psychic Tracy had said that a woman with an L-name was causing problems in her marriage by whispering in Michael’s ear. We are apparently meant to believe that this was Aunt Lydia.

4. Of course

Of course

Angela’s solution to everything seems to be smoking, to the point where only the presence of production prevented her from lighting up in the elevator.

5. Yara is correct

Yara is correct

That is an understatement, if anything.

6. Angela returns to accuse Michael of going out to party while she recovered

Angela returns to accuse Michael of going out to party while she recovered

Michael denied partying, but as with everything else that he says, he does, or Angela imagines him to say or do, this set off his wife into another rage spiral.

7. No one should be treated this way

No one should be treated this way

Loudly declaring that she’s done, Angela added an asterisk — it’s not a breakup, BUT their Nigerian marriage doesn’t mean anything in the United States yet, so she’s going to live her life here, BUT maybe she’ll reconsider if his visa is approved.

8. Angela storms off again

Angela storms off again

That’s twice in such a short period of time. Shaun Robinson asks if that’s a record. We don’t know how much Shaun is paid to put up with all of this, but it cannot be enough.

9. Andrei says it

Andrei says it

Andrei says it with a laugh, but it’s true — and what he is accurately describing is verbal and emotional abuse. People should not treat each other like this. This is especially true for partners, who claim to love one another. The way that Angela treats Michael is grueling to watch, and it is the primary reason that there has been a sizable fan campaign to get her fired from the franchise.

10. A class act

A class act

Having seemingly returned (again?!) to do some additional talks with production, Angela receives a call from Michael, and does not exactly act like a wife receiving a call from her husband.

11. She answers …

She answers ...

… only to scream at Michael that she is going out and she is going to flirt and get attention using her newly enlarged breasts. None of this is okay or easy to watch.

12. Back on set

Back on set

It’s Elizabeth and Andrei’s turn to discuss their lives. Personally and professionally, things are going great — in part because no one in the family has much contact with Charlie.

13. So what about that babysitter for their daughter?

So what about that babysitter for their daughter?

Libby had hired a sitter to watch Eleanor while she works from home, because — obviously — working a job and watching your child are two separate activities that simply cannot be done properly together. Andrei thinks that Libby can just magically do both at the same time if she really wants to.

14. Classic Andrei

Classic Andrei

Here, Andrei shows that he respects his wife just as much as he respects all women.

15. Kalani with the sensible take

Kalani with the sensible take

She notes that getting anything done with a small child — and Kalani has two — is a challenge. Children are naturally energetic and inquisitive with wandering attention. You can watch them or you can get something done, but a five minute task might take two hours while attending properly to the needs and safety of a small child.

16. Yara is for some reason Team Andrei on this

Yara is for some reason Team Andrei on this

Yara admits that she wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving Mylah with someone she doesn’t know. To be fair, Yara isn’t comfortable leaving Mylah with anyone. Also, as Libby points out, she was a nanny herself and she would only ever hire a properly vetted and trustworthy babysitter.

17. Now for the serious stuff

Now for the serious stuff

Chuck joins the Tell All, explaining how he’s still working with his son-in-law but confirming that no one really says much to Charlie. The fight at the cookout was simply too much

18. Libby’s sister Jenn tunes in

Libby's sister Jenn tunes in

Jenn reiterates her feeling — Andrei wormed his way into Chuck’s heart and into the family business and is taking advantage of Chuck.

19. Seriously??


Andrei says, in the most menacing Moldovan accent that he can muster, that he’ll “get rid of” Jenn “slowly.” Calm down, dude.

20. Chuck pumps the brakes a little

Chuck pumps the brakes a little

He reminds Andrei that Jenn is important to his business and is not someone whom he wants to ice out.

21. Oh no

Oh no

Charlie of course was invited to the Tell All and is already shown predicting that it will be contentious. Of course it will be — that’s why he wants to be there, and that’s why production wants him there.

22. “Bro”

Charlie for some reason calls everyone “bro” during this, and we’re not exaggerating when we say that he even uses it to refer to his sister. Whatever he was thinking that the effect would be, it just made him look weird, not relaxed.

23. So, what’s the real issue between Andrei and Charlie?

So, what's the real issue between Andrei and Charlie?

According to Andrei, it’s Charlie’s behavior, which he attributes in part to excessive drinking. Libby agrees that Charlie has an “unhealthy” relationship with alcohol. Chuck sounds like he might be in denial about it.

24. Enough!!


It reaches a point where Jenn has to remind her brother that, if anything, she is his “sis.” But she’s not on good terms with him, either.

25. Charlie resents being iced out

Charlie resents being iced out

He doesn’t like being treated like “the toxic one in the family.”

26. … But he is

... But he is

Andrei points out that Charlie is, in fact, the toxic one.

27. Jovi steps in with some common sense

Jovi steps in with some common sense

The fight between Andrei and Charlie was started by Charlie — but it would not have gone down if the two of them had not been chomping at the bit to brawl with one another.

28. Yara has some advice for Chuck

Yara has some advice for Chuck

She says that he should stop worrying about the company and his adult children quarreling, he should buy a yacht and go somewhere nice and enjoy “the young bitches” who would flock to him for his affluence. That’s not bad advice, actually.

29. The Tell All takes a break

The Tell All takes a break

Backstage, Julia tells Elizabeth and Andrei that she was stunned by Andrei’s behavior at their Moldovan wedding, namely when he gave a weird nightmare toast.

30. Andrei is Andrei

Andrei is Andrei

As Jovi said, there are two of them in this mess, even if Charlie is the instigator.

31. And we’re back with Michael

And we're back with Michael

Shaun notes that the coast is clear and he can say what he really thought of Angela’s surgical makeover. His gripe was that her new breasts were smaller than he liked, a “problem” that he has since remedied.

32. Relatedly … yes, he really did nurse until he was 9

Relatedly ... yes, he really did nurse until he was 9

Yara goes all psychoanalytical, noting that this is why he’s so fixated on large breasts. Psychoanalysis has a lot of issues as a (widely discredited) field of psychology, but in this case? Yara’s right on the money.

33. Michael goes into detail

Michael goes into detail

We don’t know why this happened in the first place, and that’s on Michael’s mother. But Michael was a grown man when he decided to describe all of this to the cast instead of to, say, a therapist. Yara was so stunned by his description that she cracked up and said “no” out loud.

34. Another understatement

Another understatement

Yara noted that a 9-year-old would be a “big baby,” which of course cracked up Michael.

35. As for Yara and Jovi’s big strip club fight

As for Yara and Jovi's big strip club fight

Yara reveals that this was actually their anniversary date. So they went from their anniversary dinner to a strip club, and when Yara wanted to leave, Jovi seemingly ignored her and blew a kiss at the topless woman who was dancing for them.

36. Jovi thought that it would be fun

Jovi thought that it would be fun

But Yara is just at a different point in her life because she’s a parent now. She can still have fun, but that wasn’t fun for her — and honestly, what nursing mom would have fun at a strip club watching her husband gawk at a fit naked body that hasn’t just given birth, of a woman who isn’t nursing. How could Yara have gone there and not compared her post-baby body to these women?


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