The weird, unusual story of David Murphey and his cherished Lana has actually not gotten any clearer since they appeared on 90 Day Future Husband

Lana has surprised fans with her fluent English and declares that nearly all of their story was phony.

David has actually been dropping hints that he’s going back to 90 Day Future Husband

And now, fans believe that Lana is back to catfishing … modeling with a brand-new name.

Lana is Apparently Real

60- year-old David spent seven years chatting with Lana, something that he believed that he might only do through a paid chat website.

29- year-old Lana declared to be not able to talk any other way, obviously.

That he showed up in Ukraine three times to see her prior to going on the show however was stood each time … yeah, that was even weirder.

David Murphey and Lana Snap a Selfie

The obvious conclusion for fans to draw was that David was being deceived.

He invested, by his own account, tens of thousands of dollars talking to Lana throughout the years.

It was extensively assumed that he was being catfished, either by an individual or by a catfishing ring.

Lana Hugs David Murphey

When David arrived to see her in Ukraine for the 4th time, 90 Day Future Husband video cameras followed him.

She stood him up, he went to her address, and discovered that she had actually offered him a fake address.

This is when he worked with a private detective who told him that “Lana” wasn’t genuine. David fired him.

David Murphey and Lana Pose for the Camera

At this point, the only shocking twist that David’s storyline could have had that season is if Lana ended up being genuine.

And, obviously, that is precisely what took place.

Lana, whose alleged real name is Svetlana, was a genuine person who appeared on electronic camera and even met David.

David Murphey at His Laptop

Lana and David spent time together personally on electronic camera.

David even proposed to Lana, starting their engagement. Since then, nevertheless, Lana has actually declared that some of this was fabricated for the electronic cameras.

And at the Tell All, David shared that his future with Lana doubted, adding that she discovered it hard to text him due to her long nails.

David Murphey and Lana Go for a Walk

Lana has actually released a Cameo account, which is how fans learned that she speaks best English.

She has actually confirmed that she is still in contact with David, however declared that her engagement and much of what fans saw on the show was “90%” fake.

David has actually flaunted the results of a remodeling and dropped hints that he will be going back to Ukraine, soon.

Lana for 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days

So, what has altered this month? Lana, of course.

Fans think that they have spottedn pictures of Lana or a lady who looks almost identical to her on a Russian advertisement for “Russian bride-to-bes.”

Naturally, that lady is identified as “Veronika.” Without seeing the elusive image for ourselves, we can just go on fan descriptions. Is Lana back on the market?

David Murphey is Alarmed

Fans stay not sure to this day of what they need to think about David and Lana.

Is he a creepy rich guy trying to make the most of a woman less than half his age from a nationality that he fetishizes?

Is she a scammer who has taken David for a flight for many years, potentially making the most of a male who is especially gullible?

Perhaps … possibly both things are true at the very same time.


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